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Hacks To Get The Best From iPhone’s Battery Life By Phone Repair Shop.

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There is no secret fact that iPhones are high-priced and extravagant. If you handle and use iPhone with care, then it can be the best investment. The iPhone is made so that its quality, make, and user experience is unmatchable. But no matter how good the quality, iPhones are also prone to malfunctions. Using them carelessly or misusing them often will drain your iPhone’s battery, leading to unfavourable and preventable expenses. Nowadays, smartphones have non-removable lithium-ion batteries made up of advanced technology to provide fast charging, amazing temperature stability and high energy density. However, Nano Repairs, a phone repair shop in Newcastle, provides the service of iPhone battery repair and replacement and advises you to take good care of your battery to improve its lifespan and prevent these hassles entirely. The phone repair shop suggests several hacks to get the best out of your iPhone’s battery life. Let’s take a look at these hacks without further ado. 

Hack 1: Reduce Screen Brightness

Some people have the habit of using their smartphones with maximum brightness. If you are one of them, this is bad news for you because it not only harms your eyesight but also depletes the battery of your iPhone and shortens its lifespan. Screen brightness takes a lot of energy and causes battery replacement issues. If you want to avoid these issues and repair costs, you must reduce the brightness of your device. If you switch your mobile phone to auto-brightness mode, it will automatically set your phone to adjust to different kinds of lightning. You won’t have to change the settings in the sunlight or the dark. 

Hack 2: Use Dark Themes

Turn it on if the app you use has dark themes. It will save your battery’s power. The new smartphones have the option of dark themes, so you can switch to them anytime you want. The latest iPhone models have OLED screens which do not light up for black pixels when you turn on the dark theme. Thus, it will not take a battery for those pixels and will save its power. You can save 60% of your device’s usage by turning it on. Likewise, you can also turn on the dark theme mode from your iPhone’s settings. You won’t have to go to an apple store or a cell phone repair shop, and it will not be unpleasant for your eyes.  

Hack 3: Decrease Screen Timeout

When your device’s screen is active, it will take a lot of power. You can decrease it by lessening screen timeout. It will automatically set your auto screen lock when you stop using your mobile phone. It saves energy and reduces the chances of anyone trying to obtain your sensitive and personal data. You won’t have to do a battery replacement untimely. If you are a regular user of an iPhone, a 15-30 seconds auto lock is a good timer. You will also be saved from unnecessary costs. 

Hack 4: Mute Unwanted Notifications

Individuals complain that they keep getting notifications from apps they don’t use, which irritates them. For those people, their battery is also not happy with such notices. When any notification appears on your smartphone, the vibration or sound can wake your phone up from low usage to consume power. You should turn the notifications off from the apps you don’t use. You can silence the advertisements by blocking promotional notifications and permitting only those important and needed notifications.  

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Hack 5: Optimize Apps

Apps are important, and everyone wants them to function correctly, but the fact is that they require a lot of energy to work, thus putting a strain on your battery with lower its lifespan leading to battery repairs. To avoid it, you must delete all the applications that are not required and are unnecessary to free the space in your mobile phone. Most people have around 60-80 apps on their mobile phones, of which they use only 30. An electronic repair shop in Newcastle recommends closing the apps properly after using them and don’t just minimize them. It uses your battery if you do not close the app from the background. 

Hack 6: Switch off the features that are not in use.

Some features are running in the background that causes your battery to discharge fast even when not in use. These features include Bluetooth, updating, downloading, WiFi, Mobile data and file sharing. Turn these features off when your phone is not in use to prevent your battery from draining fast. Similarly, do not turn on locations at all times. Turn them on when you use the apps; otherwise, do not. It will not consume extra energy.

Hack 7: Software Update

Apple is releasing and developing software to fix all the bugs and errors in your iPhone so ensure that you update your software whenever any update is launched. These updates also reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, if you keep updating the apps but not iPhone, it will put a lot of pressure on your battery. If you want to experience smooth usage, update your iPhone. 

Hack 8: Don’t completely Discharge

D.ischarging your iPhone to 0% is not at all healthy for your battery life. A phone repair shop in Newcastle recommends charging your iPhone as soon as it reaches 20%. Do not let it go below it. 20-80% is the ideal battery charging routine. It will prevent the strain on your battery. 

The bottom line is it is better to take care of your battery rather than replace it. iPhone is a high-priced and high-quality product; therefore, its battery is also expensive. With these hacks provided by a phone repair shop, you can easily improve your smartphone’s battery life and save money. 

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