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Is Your Netgear Extender Slow? Let’s Fix This!

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Are you getting slow internet issues even after configuring your Netgear extender in a proper way using Netgear Genie setup instructions? If yes, then it can due to slow extender’s performance. Need not to worry! The tested and proven troubleshooting tips provided in this article will help you fix the slow performance of your Netgear extender at hand. So, don’t wait much and have a roundup of the hacks given in this article and make your Netgear WiFi range extender up and running in minutes.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Slow Issue

Fix 1: Your Extender Needs a Restart

Boost the performance of your Netgear WiFi range extender in minutes by power cycling (restarting) it. This is one of the best ways to fix the issue. Thus, to restart the Netgear device, given-below are the instructions that you need to follow:

  • Get disconnected from Netgear_ext first.
  • Then, disconnect your extender and router.
  • Now, unplug the extender and wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug the extender back it.
  • Reconnect to Netgear_ext and see if this process has helped in boosting the extender’s performance or not.

Fix 2: Plug in the Extender Properly

If your Netgear extender is not properly plugged in or receiving a discontinuous power supply, then also it will act weirdly. Thus, to boost up the extender’s performance:

  • Make sure the extender’s wall socket isn’t damaged
  • It is properly plugged in and getting a steady power

Now, see if your Netgear extender speed is boosted up. If yes, connect to Netgear_ext and start using the internet the way you want without signal drop.

OMG! Your extender is still acting weird? No worries! You must try the next hack highlighted below.

Fix 3: Check the Connections

Another way to boost up the extender’s performance is to check the connections that you have made between your Netgear device and existing router.

If you have connected them wirelessly, ensure that you are connected securely to the correct network. And, if you have connected them using an Ethernet cable, make sure that they are firmly connected with a well-maintained wire.

Fix 4: Disconnect Unknown Devices

If a number of unknown devices are connected to your extender’s WiFi i.e. Netgear_ext, then also you will not able to get the exact performance of the extender. Thus, to take the performance of your Netgear WiFi range extender to the next level, disconnect unknown/ unnecessary device from Netgear_ext.

Once done check whether the Netgear extender’s performance is boosted or not. In case not, do not delay much to try the next hack highlighted below.

Fix 5: Get Rid of WiFi Interference

Your Netgear WiFi range extender may act slow if there are interference-creating WiFi devices/ obstructions placed near to your Netgear extender. Thus, you are advised to place your Netgear WiFi range extender in a proper place. Have a quick nudge below:

  • Place your Netgear extender and router in reach of each other.
  • Choose a center-most area in your home for the Netgear extender but not away from the router.
  • Keep your Netgear extender away from windows, neighboring WiFi, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, gym machines, kitchen appliances, cordless phones, baby monitors, electronic gadgets/ devices, etc.
  • Thick walls and metal doors can also be one of the major causes behind getting WiFi interference. So, it’s better to place your Netgear extender away from them.

Fix 6: Reset Your Netgear Extender

Alas! Nothing worked for you? Did you nod in yes? If so, it seems like your Netgear WiFi range extender is not configured in a proper way, resulting in Netgear extender slow performance issue.

  • So, to get the issue fixed and to make the most out of your Netgear WiFi extender, it is suggested to reset it using the instructions provided below:
  • First of all, disconnect your Netgear extender from router and wired and wireless devices from Netgear_ext.
  • Then, you have to locate the reset hole on it (extender). But, do not unplug the extender.
  • Now, press and hold the extender’s reset hole and release it after a couple of minutes.

Fab! Until you reach the last step, your Netgear WiFi range extender will be reset back to factory default values already. After a successful Netgear extender reset process, reconfigure it using mywifiext setup instructions.


That’s all for now! So, can we hope that the tested and proven hacks provided in this article will help you fix “Netgear extender slow performance” issue? If your answer is a big yes, then congrats and enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted internet access to the fullest from any corner of your house, even from dead zones.

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