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Know about Where And What Pictures To Hang

by Rawat
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A person always divides the house into separate sectors that are responsible for different areas of life. Accordingly, it would be reasonable to hang only those pictures that will help to activate and strengthen the course of certain forces.

So, in the bedroom you can hang pictures that can strengthen relations between spouses (lovers), return passion to them and support love. First of all, it can be peonies, as in China they are considered symbols of love and passion. There are also happily placed images of a pair of swallows, doves or other animals. Peaceful landscapes are welcome, such as a lake surrounded by green vegetation, a quiet river, or something similar.

Surprisingly at first glance, it is forbidden to hang pictures with children in the bedroom. This is due to the fact that no one should stand between a man and a woman in this room. And in the same way, you can’t post photos or images of lonely, unhappy people (or animals) here.

In the nursery, it is allowed to hang quite a variety of images, the choice of which depends on what they should give the child. For example, their choice can begin with what color he likes. They say that children know better than adults do what they need for harmonious development, and therefore it is necessary to come out of this assumption

As for the living room, then you can hang a lot of things here. If there is a workplace, then you can hang those pictures that contribute to good luck and an influx of wealth. These are dynamic images, for example, ships sailing into the distance, panoramic views (symbolizing the opening of new horizons), goldfish, but they should be placed on the wall near the table, and not behind the seated person (money will flow in this case). Behind, that is, on the opposite wall, there should be something that personifies a reliable rear – stable mountains and hills, massive buildings with beautiful architecture (without pointed spires and ornaments). Also here you can hang pictures with animals such as fallow deer or horses.

And, in the kitchen, still lives made in bright colors of canvas art paintings are considered the most acceptable. The most important thing is to hang them above the dining table or in a place where they will always be visible. They bring wealth to the house and provide a full table. Also, in the design of the kitchen, it is desirable to use green and red colors (a symbol of the hearth).And, finally, it should be noted that too many  2 piece  paintings Set  in the house are also not good, as well as their complete absence. Therefore, it is not necessary to assume that they are a panacea for all ills. Just use your new knowledge wisely and you’ll be fine.

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