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List of Best International Schools in Riyadh

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The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, can be a cultural surprise for some ex-pats. While many life features are excellent compared to other places in the world, some are unique. You will spend much of your time in the isolation of your “compound” with other ex-pats, and gender segregation will be a regular part of your day. Saudi Arabian schools only offer instruction in Arabic and do not accept other students. Therefore, an international school may be the only viable alternative for your child’s education in Riyadh. 

The breakdown of fees is typical of those at other international institutions worldwide. You will be responsible for paying for school uniforms, extracurricular activities, and any additional luxuries, in addition to tuition and kindergarten school admission. Remember to submit your application as soon as possible because there are many international schools with extensive waiting lists.

Here’s the list of top international schools in Riyadh:

SchoolLanguageAgesYearly Fees (in SAR)
Aldenham Prep RiyadhEnglish3 – 1146000 – 63250
One World International School, RiyadhEnglish3 – 1036000 – 54700
Downe House RiyadhEnglish3 – 1851750 – 92000
Dome International SchoolsEnglish3 – 1825125 – 40125
Qimam El-Hayat International SchoolEnglish3 – 189500 – 14500
Al Forsan International SchoolEnglish3 – 1823000 – 32000
Makers Learning School InternationalEnglish2 – 14NA
Al Faris International SchoolEnglish4 – 1837000 – 45000
Reigate Grammar School RiyadhEnglish3 – 1838900 – 71400
SEK International School RiyadhEnglish3 – 1346000 – 71300

Since Riyadh has a sizable diplomatic community, international schools are rarely separated like their public equivalents, and the student body is highly diverse. Certain schools are under the control of embassies, which might make it challenging for others to get a spot. International schools in Riyadh are the best when it comes to offering world-class education to students.

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