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Modern Wooden Blinds: How To Get The Most Stylish Look

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Modern Wooden Blinds: How To Get The Most Stylish Look

Wooden blinds were so popular in Ancient Egypt and China that they were incorporated into the designs of pyramids, Chinese temples, and even Jefferson’s home. Today we still use them to block out UV light and keep energy costs down.

Wooden blinds are a popular choice with home designers, but some will only consider them for small windows in traditionally inspired rooms. Well, times change and so do blinds. Today, style pioneers are looking to use wooden blinds for larger windows in very modern spaces. Here’s how they’re doing it!

A fresh &modern approach to a timeless classic

Wooden blinds are usually the ideal choice when you want privacy, but also need a degree of light. As mentioned above, wooden blinds are often seen exclusively as a partner for small windows and larger windows would only be coupled with vertical blinds or curtains. In addition to that, wooden blinds also offer an extremely positive benefit as they will reduce excess heat in the room by lowering internal temperatures. Therefore, this option is a great investment if you have an apartment with a lot of sunlight during the daytime

Wooden blinds are an elegant and timeless method of window shading. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they also let you enjoy the outdoors whilst keeping your room dark and cozy!

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A wooden blind can create a modern and sophisticated look for your home. With many being able to work from home either permanently or due to a business trip, they are an attractive alternative to other curtains.

With a wooden blind, your light can come in or it can go out. The slats can be angled such that outside light can still filter into your room, but prying eyes are blocked. If your domestic work or exercise space has a large window, you can benefit from a wooden blind while boosting the cool chic of your décor.

What colours are they available in?

Since the earliest days of wooden blinds, people have enjoyed the charming aesthetic nature of the chosen material. The lightweight and sturdy construction allow easy installation, and when patterns and styles are folded into even more designs, anyone can make their home feel like a sanctuary.

No matter your style, or which type of window is in front of you, you will find the colour and grain of natural wood blinds delightful.

A grey wooden blind is a particularly contemporary favourite that will easily stand the test of time. Grey is very flexible and can play a major part in any contemporary minimalist room.

For more information about how to use grey, check out our Colour Focus: Colours to Go with Grey blog. Additionally, a white wooden blind would be the perfect addition to a modern bathroom, just remember to pick a uPVC faux wooden blind as water and moisture can cause real wood to warp and crack. Our modern printed roller blinds are made from natural, sustainable materials, and feature a variety of colours to suit your needs.

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