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My way to Everest Base Camp

by rakeshchaudry
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Everest base camp


Everest base camp

Day One, Two, and Three Kathmandu-Lukla to PhakDing To Namche

Day 1 began with an incredible flight from Kathmandu, 

Nepal to Lukla. Before you land at Lukla Airport (one of the most terrifying and dangerous airfields in the country), you will be able to see the Himalayas from the flight. You can visit Dayara Buggyal Trek.

Day 2 will be a day for recovery in PhakDing, 

Where you’ll spend the entire day at the guest house. You will find one day on your calendar for sickness or rest so make sure you have it handy! Most people get food poisoning, unfortunately.

You can also Try Makalidurga Trek, which is in bangalore and can be done in a day.

If you feel sick, day three can be difficult. 

However, you can make the climb up to Namche which is a winding climb through the timber and above the treeline. Namche Bazaar, located at 3450m in the Sagarmatha public dense, is a UNESCO World Heritage Point. It’s known as the last frontier of pedestrians and rovers before the serious journey to Everest Base Camp.

Day Four and Five Namche from Tengboche To Dingboche

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Day four is a long day of climbing. 

Namche Bazaar measures,440m, and Tengboche measures,860m. However, the constant undulation of the trail means that you will climb almost 900m of grade during the day. You can enjoy spectacular views of Everest from the Vale Wall as you begin your day. You will also lose some elevation as the path descends into the valley bottom. You’ll still cross the swash as you reach Tengboche, where you’ll spend the night.

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You say goodbye to Tengboche on day five of your Everest Base Camp trip and head towards Dingboche. As the glacier flows below, the valley is filled with snow-capped peaks. It’s an amazing day. You’ll also stop at the villa of Pangboche for tea and great views of Ama Dablam.


Day Six and Seven Chukhung Ri Acclimatization, Dingboche To Lobuche

Day six was an adaptation day to the Chukhung Ri viewpoint, which was one of my favorite days. It is important to sleep low and hike high to help the body adjust.

7th Day we hiked from Dingboche, 

The seventh day of the Everest Base Camp trek, to Lobuche. This is the alternate-loftiest vill along the entire trail. This is the moment we see the Glacier for the first time, which is an amazing highlight of the trip.

Day 8 Lobuche to Gorak Shep Everest Base Camp

It’s finally time to reach Everest Base Camp on day eight of your Everest Base Camp Journey. Lobuche is your first stop on the journey to Gorak Shep. This villa is the highest you will find throughout the entire journey. Gorak Shep, a small village located near Everest Base Camp, is also the nearest village to Everest Base Camp. You will travel to Gorak Shep and have lunch. After that, you will drop off your bags before embarking on the round-trip journey to Everest Base Camp. You’ll also return to Gorak Shep, where you’ll spend the night before you head to Kala Patthar the next morning.

Day Nine Kala Patthar

The climb up to Kalapathar (also known as Kala Patthar) was the highlight of the Everest Base Camp trip. It is a 1,540-cadence peak that towers above the small vill, Gorak Shep, where you just spent the night. It’s worth the cold wake-up call at dawn to see Mount Everest from this spot in Sagarmatha National Park.

Day Ten and Eleven Returning to the city

You can now go back down at your own pace. We wanted to return to Kathmandu, so we only took two days to descend the mountain. You can continue to the next vill if you are ahead of schedule. There are no pre-booked bookings. It is an amazing feeling to descend, as you feel that you have reached the base camp. Now you can just enjoy the mountain air and the descent.

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