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Netgear Router: Keeping Home Network Safe

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Have you installed a Netgear router in your home? We hope you are happy with the seamless internet access that you are getting using the Netgear router. But just like securing your home,  it is necessary that you secure your home network as well. It is recommended to follow the tips that we are going to discuss ahead right after the setup of the router is completed. Also, make it a regular practice to keep the WiFi bandits away.

How to Secure Your Netgear Router WiFi?

There are a few tips that you can always use to keep your Netgear router network safe.

Change Default Credentials

 We hope you have an idea about the default username and password of your Netgear router.   It is the same username and password that you used while setting up your Netgear router for the very first time. The details of these credentials are available in the user manual which is also available online. That means just anyone online can get this detail and easily access your home network or router settings. This makes your network vulnerable to many threats. So we advise you to change the username and password from the default values to some other values which are hard to guess.

Access the router login page to update the login credentials immediately. With this process done, you have taken one step forward toward securing your home network.

Modify  SSID and WiFi Password

SSID is the network name of the home WiFi. It is the WiFi name that you use to access the network of your Netgear router. While you are trying to access the router WIFi on any device, you use a password (for the first time). This password is the WiFi password. These values are also default after you set up the Netgear router in your home. We hope you have changed them already. If you haven’t then change them now. Otherwise, there will be many out there who are leeching on your WiFi. Who doesn’t want free WiFi after all? So, change the default WiFi SSID and password now. To change them also you need to access the Netgear router login page and get to the settings.

Update Firmware

After you have changed the Netgear admin username & password and network name(SSID) and WiDi password, we want you to update the firmware on your Netgear router to add more security to your network. Firmware is the software embedded in the router that helps the router to do all its functions. This software should always be updated to the most recent version. Other than securing the network, a firmware update has many other benefits as well.  New features get added to your router, bug fixing gets done and functionality gets improved with a firmware update.

Netgear keeps releasing firmware updates on a regular basis. You can either manually update the firmware on your router or do it automatically. To automatically update firmware on the Netgear router, access the router login page and check if any updates are ready to be done. If yes, then just by clicking a single button the firmware update process will begin.

If you want to update the firmware manually, then you first need to download the firmware on your PC and then access the router login page and install the firmware on your router. Both processes are fairly easy. You can use the user manual to know the exact steps of the firmware update process. With the Netgear router firmware update, you have secured your network.

To Briefly Conclude

We are sure that you have learned about how important it is to secure your network. You have also learned 3 steps using which you can have a more secure home network. Bear in mind that you should update the WiFi password once in three months. Also, keep an eye on the firmware updates and keep the firmware up-to-date always. You can not relax and enjoy having seamless internet access.

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