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Nextbox Extender Firmware Update: Quick Guide

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Are you wondering how to update the firmware on your Nextbox wireless range extender? The process is pretty simple. Simply access the Nextbox admin dashboard using the web address re.nextbox.home and then install the latest firmware on your device. The instructions for the same have been given in this article. Keep on reading further to know about the same.

How to Update Firmware On Nextbox Extender?

Firmware updates are important. Always keep your device updated to the latest version of the firmware. You will keep getting the best performance from your device. Here are the step-by-step instructions to update the firmware on your Nextbox extender:

Step 1: Power Up Nextbox Extender

Initiate the firmware update process by connecting the Nextbox wireless range extender to an active available wall socket. Toggle the power button to turn on the device. Once the lights turn solid, you can move ahead. Solid lights imply a completely booted-up extender.

Step 2: Connect the Devices

In this step, you connect the Nextbox WiFi range extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable or you can make a wireless connection between the devices. Ensure making a solid connection between them whether you make a wired or wireless connection.

Step 3: Access the Login Page

Grab your computer now and turn it on. Thereafter launch an internet browser. The browser should be updated to the latest version to avoid any issues while logging in. In the address bar of the browser, type the login web address http //re.nextbox.home. Avoid using the search bar of the browser to input the login URL. Press the Enter key. You will land on the Nextbox extender login page.

Step 4: Do the Login

On the login page that opens up, input the login credentials carefully without making any typing mistakes. The credentials are case-sensitive, so be vigilant while you are typing them. Clicking on the Login button will take you to the Nextbox extender admin dashboard.

Step 5: Update firmware

On the admin panel or the admin dashboard, go to settings. Under Advanced option, click on Support. Find the option name Firmware Update and select it. It will look for latest updates and the automatic update process will begin.

You will get notified once the Nextbox wireless range extender gets updated. Till that time, ensure not interrupting the process by playing games online or opening new tabs. If the process gets interrupted, the firmware may get corrupted. This may brick your device. Under any circumstances, if this happens then you will have to reset your device to restore the factory settings.

Final Note

This is how you can update the firmware on your Nextbox WiFi range extender. Always keep an eye on the released firmware updates. Every time you find an update ready for your device, get it installed on your device right away. This not only enhances the device’s performance but also fixes bugs, improves security and new features to the device.

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