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Not Able to Perform Ap.setup Wavlink Login? Let’s fix it!

by ryaansao
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For your information, ap.setup is the default web address of the Wavlink WiFi extender. Most of the time people use this URL to perform the Wavlink WiFi extender setup and to make the changes in the settings of the extender. But, nowadays, users are not able to access it due to some possible reasons. If you are also experiencing experience issues while accessing the ap.setup, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you about all the steps in detail to access the ap.setup. So, keep reading!

Important Steps to Access Ap.setup

In this section, we explained all the essential steps in detail. So, walk through them carefully:

Step: 1 Power on the Wavlink Extender

The foremost thing you need to do is give the fluctuation-free power supply to the Wavlink extender from the power source. Make sure you use the non-damaged wall outlet. And the power cable of the extender should also be non-damaged.
Once you plug the extender into the power socket you need to press the turn-on button.
Now, your Wavlink extender is properly booted up for the next step.

Step: 2 Connect the Extender and Router

Connectivity between the router and extender is the most important part of the process. You need to make a strong connection between the devices so that they communicate properly. You can use the Ethernet cable to make a reliable connection between the extender and router.

Step: 3 Switch on the Computer or Laptop

Now, you need to switch on the computer or laptop according to which one you have. To do this, you need to plug the computer into the good condition wall outlet and press the turn on button. You can use the UPS to give the battery backup in case of a power cut.

Step: 4 Run the Web Browser

Once the computer is on, you need to open the internet browser. Make sure you use the updated internet browser because the old version browser does not support the ap.setup URL for the further process. Moreover, also ensure that browser extra files like cache and cookies are cleared.

Step: 5 Access Ap.setup

Now, you need to insert the ap.setup into the address bar without making any typing mistakes.  For example, many users are not aware of the difference between the address bar and the search bar, and users put the default URL into the search bar instead of the wrong address bar which is wrong. So, recommend you always use the address bar.
Moreover, in case you are not able to remember the default web address of the Wavlink extender, then you can take the help of the user manual that came with your device.

Step: 6 Put the Username and Password

Once you put the URL into the address bar you need to press the Enter key. Thereafter, you will see the Wavlink login portal in which you need to give the default password of the device. Credentials should be inserted correctly. Make sure the caps lock of the keyboard is off during typing the password.
After that, you need to click on the Login button and you will see the dashboard of the Wavlink soon on your computer screen.
Hence, these are the steps that you need to perform to access the Wavlink extender login page. You can also perform the Wavlink setup by performing the on-screen prompts.


Now, you know all the steps to access the app. setup up the Wavlink login page. Hope, above mentioned steps will assist you. Once you log into the Wavlink extender, you can also enable the features of the extender to enhance the internet experience. Or you can also make changes in your extender according to your comfort.

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