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NVIDIA Omniverse and Dell Technologies:

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As technology progresses, it can appear that innovation leads to complexity on occasion. For the creation of 3D graphics, teams with a wide variety of talents are required. Each team member, from artists, designers, and animators to engineers and project managers, possesses a unique skill set that necessitates their own tools, systems, and working environment.
However, the technological problems do not end there. With the maturation of existing technologies and the introduction of new ones, the number of specialist 3D design and content creation tools is increasing rapidly. Lacking compatibility or interoperability with many other tools. And across the ecosystem of 3D graphics, hybrid workforces require a “physical workstation” experience wherever they may be.

Providing compute-power access to a geographically dispersed team in a manner that facilitates collaboration without compromising security is no easy undertaking. To remain competitive and retain top talent, firms must offer remote workers with the essential tools.

Solutions for remote, secure, and collaborative 3D graphics creation

The new Dell Validated Design for VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse enables 3D graphics development teams to collaborate in real-time from any location utilising numerous programmes within shared 3D virtual environments. Users of NVIDIA® Omniverse can access the required resources and compute power via a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) without requiring a local physical workstation.
By running NVIDIA Omniverse on Dell PowerEdge NVIDIA Certified SystemsTM, businesses may enable 3D graphics teams to connect with significant design tools, assets, and projects in order to collaborate and iterate seamlessly from the early stages of conception to the end of the creation process.
Designs for NVIDIA Omniverse are supported by Dell PowerEdge NVIDIA Certified Systems and a VxRail-based virtual workstation environment with NVIDIA A40 GPUs. VMware® Horizon® is able to virtualize workloads. Using Autodesk Maya 3D animation and visual effects tools, the designs were confirmed.
The adaptable solution satisfies the diverse needs of many sectors. For example, within media and entertainment, the objective may be to construct virtual worlds for films or video games. Those in architecture, engineering, and construction may like to see their unique building concepts materialise in 3D. Manufacturers may want to collaborate on interactive and physically correct renderings of potential future items or on the development of realistic simulations of plant floors.

The Benefits are Substantial for all Businesses:

• Empower the workforce – Improve 3D interactive user collaboration and productivity for remote and dispersed teams
• Enhance productivity — Simplify deployment, management, and support using engineering-validated designs developed in close collaboration with NVIDIA.
• Collaborate securely — Protect data from the data centre to the endpoint from cyberthreats with built-in security capabilities.
• Revolutionizing 3D visual production

Dell Technologies is enthusiastic about NVIDIA Omniverse and its capacity to facilitate collaboration amongst designers, engineers, and other innovators utilising Dell PowerEdge servers. Dell Validated Design for VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse solutions have the potential to revolutionise each stage of 3D production, marking a significant step toward the metaverse. According to the Marvel® database, “The Omniverse is every variety of reality and existence possible and imagined” and combines our physical and digital lives with augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual reality in our physical world, similar to Ready Player One’s Oasis.
NVIDIA Omniverse, an open platform designed for virtual collaboration and real-time simulation, streamlines and accelerates even the most complicated 3D workflows by allowing remote workers to participate simultaneously utilising numerous apps. Acom is devoted to providing customers with innovative solutions for managing their performance-intensive and collaborative operations.

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