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Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their On-demand Business With App Like Gojek

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Business expansion is not easy. It requires a good load of money, time, effort, and numerous permissions from Government authorities. But what about expanding your business online? That too, with a ready-made solution that you need to simply customize and launch. Launching an app like Gojek is simple, quick, and stress-free! 

Expand your Business with Gojek Clone App 

You must be wondering how to proceed with expanding your business without wrecking your pockets. 

Well, you can seek many advantages by expanding your business in the on-demand market such as: 

Developing a new product 

Developing a new product is important to gain a competitive edge. This development will boost your sales and profits at the same time. 

However, with this app, you don’t need to build a new product. You can start integrating new services and features into the existing app and start maximizing your profits. 

Increase the customer base 

By expanding the business with an app like Gojek, you will increase the customer base. Once you launch the app and promote it to the new region, more and more customers will use your platform. 

Thus, you will have a bigger audience to use to your advantage! 

Diversification to many fields/industries 

If you are a small business, diversification will help you to expand and grow the business!

With this Gojek Clone App, you as the app owner can tap into multiple service genres and industries such as healthcare, logistics, transportation, beauty, wellness, handyman, etc. 

Elevated brand awareness 

‘Brand awareness’ is a very important term. By expanding your business, you will be able to tell more people about your business, its features, services, and more. 

On top of that, an app like Gojek enhances your brand visibility even more. Here are a few things that will help you: 

  • Integration of your company’s name and logo everywhere 
  • Matching the color theme with the brand’s logo 
  • Added branding on KIOSK Apps, iWatch taxi booking app, website, web panels, etc. 

Integrate 8 Different Service Genres into Your App 

Let’s expand your business with multiple unique on-demand service genres. Here’s what your customers will get to enjoy by launching this app. 

Taxi ride booking 

taxi booking app

Your customers can book taxi rides from one place to another in the city. When booking the ride, users can enter the pick-up location and choose to add a destination later as well. 

On-demand services at home or a professional’s location 

By launching an app like Gojek, you will be able to allow users to book on-demand services like beauticians, car washers, babysitters, dog walkers, etc.  

Customers can book an appointment with the professional at their location or choose at-home services for more convenience. 

Online video consultation 

Allow your users to book an online video consultation with doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, and even astrologers. Through this service, customers can easily consult with professionals from the comfort of their homes. 

Video Consultation

A video call thus enables customers and providers to connect and engage well! 

Service bidding 

Let local handymen bid for the posted task so that customers find a suitable service provider at a price that fits their budget. 

service bidding

Customers need to post the task with the required details and as soon as they submit it, all the providers from the chosen category are notified about the job. Now by making an offer on the job, the user and provider can start negotiating! 

On-demand delivery services from nearby facilities

Through an app like Gojek, customers can get stuff delivered from nearby restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and much more. 

Customers can add to their cart all the items and choose the payment method to proceed with placing the order. Within minutes, the assigned delivery driver will come to your doorstep and bring you the order! 

Delivery Genie and Runner 

Your customers can also hire a delivery Genie or the personal shopper and Runner, the one who runs errands like delivering tiffin, documents, a laptop, etc. 

Hiring these professionals makes a customer’s life much easier than ever before! 

Parcel delivery service 

With an app like Gojek, customers can also send parcels from one location to another in the city. 

Depending on the weight, quantity, and type of parcel, customers can book a suitable cargo vehicle. They can add one pickup location and multiple drop-off locations. 

On-demand medical services

From consulting with doctors on a video call, booking an ambulance, ordering medicines online, and booking an appointment with the doctor, this app can do it all. 

Gojek Clone Medical Service

Let your customers book emergency medical services with just a few clicks! 

In Conclusion: 

Expand your business with more than 82 services on a single platform! Get your hands on the best app like Gojek solution

Get in touch with experts at Cubetaxi to get started with the demo app trial ASAP! And in just 1 to 2 weeks, you will be able to launch a perfect multi-service business!

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