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Resolution brings new standards for psychological services performed over the internet

Resolution CFP nº11/2012 was published, which brings new standards for psychological services performed over the internet. The new Resolution takes effect 180 days after its publication (June 25, 2012).

See what changes with Resolution CFP nº 11/2012 :

1) Types of assistance:

In CFP Resolution No. 12/2005, computer-mediated psychological services were allowed, as long as they were not psychotherapeutic, such as psychological and affective-sexual guidance, professional guidance, learning guidance and school psychology, guidance ergonomics, consultancy to companies, cognitive, ideomotor and communicative rehabilitation, previous personnel selection processes, use of computerized psychological tests with favorable evaluation in accordance with CFP Resolution No. 002/03, use of informational and educational software with automated response, and others, as long as they are punctual and informative and do not violate the provisions of the Psychologist’s Code of Professional Ethics.

In the new CFP Resolution nº 11/2012 the following services are allowed:

I. Psychological Guidance of different types, understanding by guidance the service carried out in up to 20 meetings or virtual contacts, synchronous or asynchronous;

II. The previous Personnel Selection processes;

III. The Application of Tests duly regulated by relevant resolution;

IV. Supervision of the work of psychologists, carried out occasionally or as a complement to their on-site professional training;

V. Occasional Service for customers in transit and/or customers who are momentarily unable to attend face-to-face service.

Psychotherapeutic care continues to be allowed on an exclusively experimental basis.

2) There will no longer be accreditation to obtain the seal (which was valid for 1 year). Now there will be a registration of sites in the CRPs that will be valid for 03 years, renewable for the same period. After approving the site’s registration, the Federal Council of Psychology will send a script that dynamically generates an image to be included in the site’s source code.

3) The psychologist must maintain an exclusive website for offering psychological services on the internet with its own domain registration maintained in Brazil and in accordance with Brazilian legislation for this purpose. Sites without their own domain or that produce uncategorized content (blog format, for example) will not be registered.

4) The new resolution indicates some information that those responsible will have to have on the websites, for example, it is obliged, on the website, to: a)

Specify the name and registration number of the psychologist(s) Technical Responsible( o) for the service offered, as well as for all psychologists who are going to provide services through the website;

b) Inform the maximum number of sessions allowed in accordance with this resolution;

c) Keep links on the main page to: the psychologist’s Code of Professional Ethics; this resolution; the website of the Regional Council of Psychology in which the psychologist is registered; the site of the Federal Council of Psychology in which the registration of the site is contained.

d) Specify which are the technological resources used to guarantee the secrecy of the information and clarify the client about this.

5. It is recommended that the following information appear on the site to be registered:

a) Clear description of the services that will be carried out using technological means of distance communication;

b) Target public;

c) Psychologist(s) contacts: e-mail and telephone

6. When assessing websites under Resolution CFP No. 12/05, it was mandatory to include the amount and payment method on the website. In the new resolution, this information does not need to be exposed on the website.

7. The site to be registered cannot contain links to any other site, except the links referred to in this resolution.

8. The entire site evaluation process will be carried out through the Regional Council of Psychology within 60 days (before it was 90 days). The Federal Council of Psychology will only evaluate the resources.


The School of Psychology Service – SEP has a space of 504 (square meters), divided into rooms suitable for individual and group care, equipped with rooms with one-way mirrors, a waiting room, a room for supervision, a room for coordination, a secretariat and bathrooms.

Initial contact through interviews with registered clients, with the aim of knowing their problem in order to carry out the necessary referrals. There is a group named as best City Psychology Group, is providing extensive psychological services.

Depending on the screening results, the Client will be referred to the following services:


Children’s psychological follow-up, carried out through games, toys and expressive material.


 Psychological assistance for adolescents and adults through sessions with a minimum frequency of once a week, aiming to work on the client’s conflicts and actual emotional problems.


 Process of psychological assessment in order to clarify the specific problem of the client, and carry out the appropriate referral. It concludes with approximately four or six sessions, using interviews and psychological test applications. The same is done in the Clinical Psychology internship, but also, when necessary, by students of the Psychology course who are studying this discipline.


Psychological assistance with the purpose of developing family support activities.


It is a service aimed at operating in hospitals or health institutions affiliated with the SEP, together with health personnel involving the individual and the social and public health areas, always seeking individual and social well-being.


It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary activity that puts psychology at the service of other professionals by developing the practice of counseling, consulting and psychological consultations. In this activity, the psychologist will be able to activate and articulate all his theoretical-technical and practical experimental tools to guide and intervene in the problem situation, creating conditions through reflection groups for professionals from other areas to understand psychological phenomena.

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