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Patio Umbrella Vs. Market Outdoor Umbrella: Which Is Best For You?

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outdoor market umbrella

The whole world is progressing, eternally evolving technology and sciences are making the world a better place to live in. Even the smallest object has an array of designs, features, and models tailored just to fulfil the needs and demands of the users or customers.

As we all know how important is to use umbrellas as we canprotect ourselves from rain and the heat of the sun using one. Now, when it comes to choosing an outdoor market umbrella, you will come across many choice options. Umbrella manufacturers are developing different models of umbrellas with unique and tech-advanced features.

Usually, people use the terms of outdoor market umbrella and patio umbrellas interchangeably. Though they do have similar uses and functions, they are very different from each other. This article will brief you on the differences between outdoor market umbrella and patio umbrellas.

  • Patio Umbrellas

As the name suggests these models of umbrellas are specifically meant for patio and outdoor leisure purposes. The historical significance of patio umbrellas is often associated with the idea of royalty and novelty. Patio umbrellas have been used since 1100 BC in China and Egypt.

If you have a beautiful home with a garden or beautiful outdoor deck, then going with a a patio umbrella will be a good option to add beauty and elegance to your outdoors.

  1. Traditional Table patio Umbrella
  2. Tilting Umbrella
  3. Cantilever Umbrella or Offset Umbrella
  4. Sail Umbrella
  5. Commercial Patio Umbrella
  • Market Outdoor Umbrellas

An outdoor market umbrella is specifically meant for commercial purposes. The historical evidence of the existence of these umbrellas goes back to the streets of Italy and France. The main function of outdoor market umbrellas is to protect vendors and merchants from the scorching heat and other harsh conditions. Today these umbrellas are used by vendors, farmers, merchants, and other traders to protect their booths.

outdoor market umbrella
outdoor market umbrella

Umbrella Showdown: Patio Umbrellas Vs. Market Umbrellas

If you seem to be confused in choosing between a patio umbrella and an outdoor market umbrella, check out the below comparison to help you make the best decision for your needs!

  1. Stabilization systems: The major difference between these two outdoor umbrellas is system stabilization. The stabilization system of market umbrellas works on the mechanism of a steady base that is sturdy and firm. In the case of patio umbrellas, the table works as the stabilization system.
  2. Location: The patio umbrella is often used in the luxurious deck or the garden and is a means of ensuring protection from heat and providing the look of leisure and luxury. On the other hand, market umbrellas are used for commercial purposes, in the market, stalls, etc.
  3. Size matters: Another significant difference between patio umbrellas and market outdoor umbrellas is size. In usual cases,  an outdoor market umbrella is heavy and larger in comparison to patio umbrellas. The canopy of market umbrellas is larger as they are used for commercial purposes and are meant to protect merchants, goods, and customers.
  4. Tilting: The main use of an umbrella is to protect from heat and rain. Initially, when patio umbrellas came into the market, they were devoid of the tilting feature, and were similar to a market outdoor umbrella, with the growth in technology more features have been added to the patio umbrella.


Hopefully, this article helped you to differentiate between market outdoor umbrellas and patio umbrellas. With your distinctive understanding of differences, we hope you will be able to make the correct purchase according to your needs and desires. Finally, when planning to buy an outdoor market umbrella, make sure to conduct a thorough research online.

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