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Protect the exterior walls of your home during monsoon

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The monsoon season is awaited by people all over India. It brings a sense of relief to everyone who experienced the blazing summer heat. Despite being a heat reliever, the monsoon is one of the key contributing factors to damaging the exteriors of your home, such as causing dampness, mold formation, and seepage.

To care for your home effectively, the best way is to add a protective layer of wall putty to its exterior walls. This can help the external areas of your home resist even heavy rainfall. Apart from just using wall putty, there are other ways which can help in safeguarding the exterior walls of your home. They are as follows:

Protect the walls with waterproofing wall putty

Waterproofing your home is an essential part of ensuring its overall care. Any negligence while building the external parts of your home can result in severe damage to them. An excess amount of moisture could not only seep into the exterior walls of your house but also further damage its interior walls in the form of cracks and crevices.

So how can you resolve this situation? One of the ideal ways to completely settle this issue is by using waterproof wall putty. Derived from white cement, this white cement based putty is an incredible product to manage dampness and its ill effects caused due to various water seepage and/or other damages in your home. It is ideal for use on both the interior and exterior walls as it adds a layer of protection to it and prevents it from water damage. 

Applying an effective waterproof wall putty from top wall putty brands in India like JKCement can keep your abode’s exterior and interior walls safe and intact for a long time. Their JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty offers a 20 Sq.ft anti-efflorescent and damp-resistant coverage to the walls of your house in two coats. Furthermore, it also extends the walls’ paint life when its Active SiH4 molecules react with Silica particles to form a deep water-repellent layer on the walls.

Select water-resistant paint

During the time of renovating houses or home construction, many homeowners do not pay attention to choosing good quality paint. This is one of the common factors which can tarnish the paint life of the exterior walls of your house. The poor quality paint on the external surfaces can result in water seepage through the concrete layers and cause hairline cracks or flaking.

As per the advice of professional wall experts and painters, one should use silicon-based waterproof paints to prevent damage to plastering or the buildup of wall cracks.

Choosing the right time to paint the walls

Painting the walls during the monsoon season is not recommended. The ideal time for painting is preferably between March and May, i.e., before the rain season. Not only this, avoid painting the exterior walls right after the monsoon, as the walls retain moisture from the rain for a long time.

Ensuring proper drainage system

To avoid patchy overhead walls, install a planned drainage system at your house. This can help in stopping the accumulation of water on the rooftops and thus prevent dampness on the walls.

Take professional help

To ensure the exterior walls of your home remain safe and unimpaired for years to come, you should consult a wall expert. With various gadgets like moisture meters, they can ascertain how much moisture is present in your walls and then recommend steps to take care of them, such as using a waterproof white cement based putty for overall wall security.

Monsoon season brings joy to people by comforting them from the scorching heat of the summer and also warms up their surroundings and feelings. With proper precautions and care, you can relish the numerous offerings of this season. Not only you, but your home can also take pleasure in this merry-making season by withstanding the moisture effectively. Buy optimum-quality wall care products from one of the best wall putty manufacturers in India i.e., JKCement, and add a layer of safety to the exterior walls of your home.

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