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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Quran Teacher for Your Kids

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Muslim people are increasingly turning to online Quran study or learn Quran at home through a Quran teacher. Because of modern technology, it is now possible to learn the Quran more effectively and quickly. Many of us now find it easy to visit the website and efficiently learn the Quran thanks to the internet. With the instructor, everything is less stressful, and one can successfully complete the course. 

It is essential to find a quality tutor who knows how to teach the kids. A tutor is an individual who must be passionate about teaching the kids and make them easily succeed in Quran course. 

In addition to online Quran institute, one should choose the right Quran tutor for kids. 

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Factors to be considered before hiring a Quran tutor for kids? 

Few factors to be considered before hiring a tutor for kids 

  • Qualification of the tutor: First, check the teacher’s credentials before hiring them. Find a tutor who can teach Quran recitation. Ask about their qualifications and education because you want a Quran expert. Your child’s Quran education will be improved with a certified teacher. 
  • (School of Thought in the Islamic Law): One of the common errors people make while looking for a Quran instructor is failing to pay attention to the school of thought the teacher adheres to (Madhhab). Kindly question the tutor about the Fiqh they belong to. While they all obey the Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH), they handle some disputes differently. There are also many Muslim sects with diverse ideologies. So, choose an instructor with comparable beliefs. This prevents Islam-related misinformation. 
  • Experience Matters: The first question to be considered before hiring a tutor is the experience of the tutor. Your Quran tutor for kids must be qualified. Make sure your Quran tutor can help your kids handle course problems. The Quran tutor you choose should fit your child’s needs. In addition to qualifications, look for a Quran teacher with years of expertise. How long have they taught Quran? Your teacher should also have a solid reputation. You can check a teacher’s qualifications and experience online. 
  • Class duration: How much time is the tutor ready to devote to you is a crucial question to ask.  You and your tutor can agree on the duration of each session. This will affect how long it takes to finish the Qur’an. 
  • Teaching Method: Your learning will be influenced by the instructor’s teaching style for the rest of your life, so it should be a major factor when selecting a teacher. The manner of instruction used by our teacher made a significant impact in our ability to memorise and recite a few surahs of the Quran at an absolutely amazing speed. A teacher who teaches you the Quran and Arabic through class activities that simulate an Arabic-speaking environment is more successful than one who only reads Arabic words and translates them into your language. The ideal Quran instructor promotes an interactive learning environment and takes into account the needs and abilities of each student to create the most effective learning plan for that particular learner. Before selecting a tutor for children, you should think about the teaching approach. 

These are few factors that should be kept in mind before hiring a tutor for your kids. Ask as many questions you want to in order to get the best tutor. 

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