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Simple Tactics to Increase Likes on Your Soundcloud Videos Naturally

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Soundcloud is a platform that allows users to upload and share sounds. It is one of the most commonly used platforms for aspiring musicians, producers, and DJs. The app offers various features, including social and collaborative networking and music discovery. Soundcloud has an extensive catalogue of songs currently delivered worldwide with many diverse genres and styles.

Want more people to like your Soundcloud videos? You’re not alone. Every creative has its way of getting more likes, whether it be making sure you’ve uploaded a high-quality video, bugging friends and family to give your videos some love, or drawing anything on the screen for an hour. But here are some easy ways you can increase likes naturally, which will boost the number of followers you attract in the process or else you can consider to Buy Soundcloud Likes.

Make Sure Your Cover Photo Is Showing The Content You’ve Uploaded

Your cover photo could very well be the first aspect people see when they land on your page, which is why making it as engaging as possible is essential. For example, if you’ve uploaded a track to your profile, then make sure you’re showing at least a portion of the artwork from that track in your cover photo, or even better.

You should include a few screenshots from that track, so people get an idea of what it sounds like. For example, if you’ve uploaded a new video, screenshot the part of the video that shows the artwork in its best light and pull that into your cover photo.

Create Playlists and Add Your Tracks To Them

  • If people see that you’ve got lots of content on Soundcloud, they’ll be likelier to want to check it out.
  • Don’t make them search through your profile page to find what they’re looking for, create playlists to help categorize your tracks. Then, once you’ve created enough playlists, use those to boost your following.
  • You can also see if there are any songs that people like in your playlists. Try to get them to tag you in their comments and then insert these comments into your playlist so that future listeners can easily find them.

Try To Get People To Comment On Your Track Or Playlist

Speaking of comments, they will also help increase the number of likes your videos receive. If you see that someone has posted a comment on one of your tracks, try to get them to tag you in their comment and add a few words about it so that other people can see how popular it is. Then your followers can keep track of how successful you are by looking through your comments section.

Upload Better Tracks

If you’re on Soundcloud, you must have some decent music. If people can’t appreciate the high quality of your tracks and make them want to listen to more of your music, what’s the point in having hundreds of thousands of followers?

You can either make better tracks or work harder to get your current ones noticed. For example, you can produce a better-sounding track than the one you’re uploading or try to get more media attention for your existing tracks.

Be Focused and Take The Time to Check In With People

  • If you want more people to like your video, if you’re busy throughout the day, then the chances are that you will need more time to check in with your followers on Soundcloud.
  • You must ensure you’re online as often as possible to interact with people interested in your tracks.
  • If you keep checking in with them, they’ll surely like your videos; otherwise, you can also prefer to Buy SC Likes.

Get Followers Who Are Into Your Genre

If your genre is popular, then it’s likely that more people will be interested in it. So if you have some tracks on the verge of going viral and are now trending, try to get followers who are also into that type of music. It will help them understand what you’re trying to do, and they’ll be more likely to like your Soundcloud profile.

Use Tags Correctly

  • Tagging people correctly is also another way to increase your likes on Soundcloud.
  • If you know how to do it properly, you can make your followers want to listen to the content you upload.
  • For example, if you know someone who makes hip-hop songs but has uploaded some random guitar track, they probably won’t want it tagged with their name as a rapper on Soundcloud.

Whether you like it or not, no one wants to be the one who doesn’t have the right Soundcloud content or the one who gets too much attention. It all comes down to making sure that your content is seen, and if your entire profile is up for grabs, you can increase your likes instead of just doing whatever you want.

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