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Six Basic Tips to Resolve Comfast Extender No Internet Issue

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In case you are sadly amongst those who are experiencing internet-related issues with your Comfast wireless range extenders, know that your prayers have been answered. Which internet-related issue are you facing exactly? Is it the Comfast extender no internet issue? Are you unable to access the Comfast login page because of it? Well then, you ought to take a walk through the troubleshooting hacks discussed below in this article. We assure you that by the time you have reached the last one, you will be able to resolve the issue that you came here for. With that said, continue reading.
[Resolved] Comfast Extender No Internet Issue

Restart the Comfast Extender

You can get down to business by restarting or rebooting your Comfast wireless range extender. Doing so will eliminate the first reason that might have caused the Comfast extender no internet issue, i.e. technical glitches. In order to restart your wireless extender, you need to first turn it off, wait for a couple of seconds, and then, turn it back on.
Now, you may check if you are able to access the internet. In case you are still a victim of the same issue, then you ought to take a walk through the hack given below.

Use Some Other Connection Source

The usage of a wireless source of connection to connect the Comfast wireless extender and your home router can also cause the issue that you are currently stuck with. The reason being, a wireless medium is not always reliable when it comes to keeping the signal transmission intact. The WiFi can drop at any hour of the day.
Taking this into consideration, you need to make use of some other connection source. To be specific, use an Ethernet cable to join the Comfast extender to the router.

Bring the Wireless Devices Closer

In case there is a lot of distance between the Comfast range extender and the router, then you ought to bring them closer. We are saying so because too much distance between them can prevent their signals from getting transmitted in each and every corner of the house. However, avoid placing the devices too close to each other.
Otherwise, the signals which are coming out of them will find no room to get transmitted thereby clashing and causing more technical issues for you.

Eliminate Signal Interference

Keep Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, cordless phones, treadmills, baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, and aluminum studs away from your Comfast wireless range extender as they can interfere with its signals. Apart from this, do not keep the extender near concrete walls.
Although this troubleshooting hack will help you gain access to the internet with ease, on the off chance, it does not, you already know what to do.

Access the Extender Network

Perhaps all this while you were attempting to access some other network due to which you assumed that you were experiencing the Comfast extender no internet issue. Taking this into account, consider accessing only the network of your Comfast wireless range extender. If you want to learn how to do it, then refer to the instructions given in the manual.
Starting from how to access the network of your device to set it up for the first time, you will find everything related to it in that user manual.

Install the Comfast Extender Again

Did none of the troubleshooting hacks given above help you to resolve the issue that you are experiencing at hand? Well then, you are left with no other option than to perform Comfast setup. You can either use the WPS method or the Manual method to install the Comfast wireless range extender from scratch. The choice is yours.
In the WPS method, you have got to press the WPS button on the extender and router and in the manual method; you need to access the0 web user interface of your device.

Summing Up

These were the troubleshooting tips through which resolving the Comfast extender no internet issue is possible. We are anticipating that they will be able to help you to gain access to the internet. If what we are hoping for comes true, then it is recommended that you share your feedback with your fellow readers.

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