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How to Choose the Best Size of the Solar Power System? A Small Guide

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Solar Power

If you are looking for the best solar power system for your home, you are in the right place. However, if you have decided to install a solar system in your house, you need to buy a good-sized one. People often get the wrong size of solar panels, and after that, they feel regret. Besides this, before going to the solar energy companies, you need to calculate how much average you want for the solar system for your home. 

Let’s say you have five bedrooms in your house, so how many solar panels do you need for them? On the other side, can you say you need to get the 2000 sq ft for your home? All these questions are important for solar homeowners because by estimating things initially, you can secure your money and time easily. But before starting the procedure, you need to recognize your goals for the solar panels. 

Size of the Solar Power System

When you contact solar energy companies, you need to ask what size will be good for your home. On the other hand, if you don’t know the energy requirements according to your home, you can look at your utility bills. However, this way, you can easily estimate the solar panel installers you need for your home. It also depends on the hourly energy requirement of your home during the high sunlight hours in your area. 

So, you can easily divide the panel’s wattage according to your household use. It is good to use a low wattage of around 150W and a high wattage of 370 W. Besides this, the size of your roof and the range of sunlight on your top plays a vital role.

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Watts You Can Use Through Solar Panel

On the flip side, solar panel installer companies will ask you to show the electricity bill so they can see your home’s average usage. The most important thing in your electricity bill is the kilowatt hours you use during the 30 days. Also, if you don’t find the kilowatt units in your statement, you can read the meter readings at the end or beginning of the bill. 

Not only this but you can also minus the previous meter reading from the new reading of the month. Furthermore, if you want to install the solar panels of the Solar SME, you need to calculate the daily or hourly usage of electricity.  

Factors You Need to Consider

Before engaging in the size and watts of solar panel installers, you need to check the important features. Following the important factors in the solar power system, you can secure yourself from the repeatedly changing process. So, here are some of the important factors you can notice while buying solar systems.

Type of Solar Panel

If you are asking for the types of the solar panel from solar energy companies, then you should keep these things in mind: 

  • The whereabouts and the solar array’s attributes decide the solar inverter’s size. 
  • Besides this, the location you’ll decide on the solar power system in your house will determine the electricity use in a month. 

Every solar panel has a different market size and unique features. But the four types are:

  • Monocrystalline 
  • Polycrystalline 
  • PERC 
  • Thin-Film panels.

However, each of them has its specifications and pros and cons. 

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Environmental Features 

The main concern of the solar power system is how much sunlight it will penetrate for the solar inverters. But on the other side, the major problem is how much pollution or dust it will consume. Because the high amount of pollution and dust affects the functionality of the solar inverter. However, the professionals of solar energy companies will take care of all these things before you buy the best solar panel for your home. 

Location According to Landscape and Geographically 

To get the solar inverter’s best output, you need to choose the best location at your home or on your rooftop. Because it is one of the most crucial parts when choosing the solar power system, if we discuss this topic geographically, you’ll know that Texas has the highest solar irradiances than Florida. So, it makes sense to use the 5-KW rooftop system in Texas. The 5-KW solar panel will produce more electricity in Texas than in Florida. 

Wrapping It Up

So, when you go for solar energy companies, you need to consult the size of the solar panels for your home. However, they will guide you in the best way and with professionalism. On the other hand, you can conduct a meeting with them so you can briefly discuss the issue with them. 

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