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Special Event Arrangements You Need For Disabled People

by Kieran Edwards
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Disabled People

Not everyone attending your event will be the same, and not all of them will be with the same specifications and needs. When making plans for your events, you must not forget to make arrangements for the people that have disabilities. Imagine sending an attendee back home due to their disability and due to the lack of arrangements you have made. It will definitely be embarrassing for you and heartbreaking for the audience. Walk through this article to learn about special event arrangements for disabled people.

There are different types of disabilities, and for each disability, it is crucial for you to know what special arrangements you are supposed to make. Failure to make such arrangements will not only stop people from being a part of your event but will also put a question mark on its success. You should better keep these necessary arrangements in mind or let the experts do the job for you to make sure all the audiences experience the same.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the special event arrangements you must make for expected disabled people at your events.

Top 6 Event Arrangements You Need To Consider For Disabled People

You should treat everyone in your event equally, and there should be the same experiences for every attendee regardless of their limitations or disabilities. To make sure all your guests experience the same, you must make special arrangements for people with disabilities.

Following are a few arrangements that are a must to make to ensure the people with disabilities at your event are comfortable.

1. Accessible entryways

The entry and exit to your event venue should always be easy and accessible for everyone. If you expect guests with a certain disability and they are unable to walk or use stairs, then there should be an alternative. The venue you select must have a path for wheelchairs and also have lifts for easy access. The ease of access highly depends upon the venue you choose. Many people prefer the event agency Dubai services to make the ideal venue selection that will fit well to the event needs and make entry easy for the disabled.

2. Accessible seating

The seating for disabled people must not be the same as that of a person with no disabilities. It is important for the ease and comfort of disabled people that the seating you choose is highly comfortable and accessible. When implementing the seating plan, it should always be kept in mind that there is enough room on the floor. Not having enough free space will make it difficult and impossible to accommodate a wheelchair. However, for visually disabled people or people with low vision, you have to set the seats accordingly to ensure they have better visibility.

3. Accessible restrooms

For people with physical disabilities or visual impairments, the restrooms in your events must be highly accessible and have a simple location. Make sure there is always someone to guide people with such disabilities to the restrooms so they do not feel lost. Moreover, for people with autism, there should be clear guidelines and directions about the access and use of these restrooms. Make sure everything in these restrooms is simple and understandable for them to use.

4. Accessible refreshments

If you have a buffet arrangement in your events, then it is highly possible that there will be long queues to put the food on the plate. For people with disabilities of any kind, there should always be a help to make food reachable and accessible. Furthermore, besides keeping the food reachable and accessible, it is crucial to take care of any specifications. It might be possible that a person with a specific disability is prohibited from eating food, and you have that on your menu.

5. Audio/visual support

At your events, there will always be something to listen to or watch, or there could be both. When you have such arrangements, do not forget to keep the disabled in your mind. For a visually impaired person, there should always be an alternative to stay engaged, and the same goes for a person with hearing impairments. You must also have arrangements to make things understandable for autistic people, like using descriptions with the videos to improve their understanding.

6. Emergency treatment

Whether the audiences have any disability or not, you should always prepare for emergencies. These preparations become highly important when the expected guests include someone with a disability. To avoid any mishap and bigger problem, you must not forget to ensure the availability of medical help and relevant essentials. From an ambulance standing by to the availability of first aid, all should be considered. You can always hire an event agency to take care of such special arrangements effortlessly and successfully.

Do you have the right personnel to make special arrangements?

If there are one or more guests with any type of disability, then it becomes necessary for you to make special arrangements for them to ensure success. Forgetting about such special guests will not send out a positive message about you. So, avoid relying on your limited skills and hire skilled event agencies to help you with these special arrangements for successful events.

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