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Take 5 Oil Change Specialize in Fast Automotive Maintenance and Friendly Service

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The 10-minute oil change specialists at Take 5 Oil Change are pleased to report that they have raised a total of $1,226,770 for 60 local children’s hospitals in the regions they service. Any amount donated will be used to support the cost of care for patients and further the search for ground-breaking treatments for debilitating diseases. Take 5 Oil Change is overjoy that its funding is helping to support the outstanding efforts of those in the vanguard of pediatric care.

Found in 1984 as a quick-lube franchise under Driven BrandsTM, Take 5 Oil Change is known for its innovative stay-in-your-car service. Additionally, the company provides services including air filter replacement, wiper blade swaps, and coolant exchanges, all of which take less time than the normal oil change. In the United States and Canada, Take 5 operates more than 600 service locations. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Driven BrandsTM is the biggest automotive services provider in North America, meeting a wide variety of requirements for both private and commercial vehicle owners.

Take 5 Oil Change which is a conglomerate of automotive repair franchises throughout North America. Across 15 countries, Driven Brands’ extensive network of over 4,300 service centers maintains and repairs over 50 million cars every year. With over $3 billion in annual sales, Driven Brands’ network brings in over $1 billion annually. The Take 5 Oil Change franchise is committed to becoming the industry leader in three key areas service quality, customer satisfaction and staff growth and development. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the chain has strong name recognition within its target demographic.

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Locations Provide the Services

The oil and filter are replaced, and other fluids beneath the hood are topped up and checked as part of an oil change. It is recommend that you replace your air filter on a regular basis in order to increase your engine’s performance and efficiency. Checking and replacing the wiper blades is also important for security. Replacement of transmission fluid, cooler lines and torque converter as part of an automatic transmission service. Take 5 Oil Change pricing are fair, especially given the high quality of service you’ll get.

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Greater Grand Rapids Region

About nine Take 5 Oil Change stations are plan for the greater Grand Rapids region. This year, Take 5 Oil Change plans to establish as many as nine of its stay-in-your-car oil change locations in the Grand Rapids region. Approximately fifty new jobs will be create as a result of the shift, which represents an investment of almost $25 million.

Around 12 People Will Be Employe By Each Shop

For a potential franchisee, Rippey recommended Take 5’s training and mentoring program as a steady source of qualified workers. With the help of the program, a regular pit tech may acquire the resources and knowledge necessary to advance to a managerial position. Franchisees may expect their Take 5 location to generate annual revenues of $1.2 million during the first few years of operation. As for the first investment, Rippey estimated it at $750,000.

High on the Priority List

Rippey added that the sustained economic expansion in West Michigan over the previous several years was a major factor in determining the location of Take 5’s future expansion. At the moment, the corporation is focusing on the Detroit Metro region, which it considers to be a distinct market, although West Michigan and Grand Rapids are also high on the priority list.

Topped Up by Trained Professionals

Customers at Take 5 Oil Change may have their oil changed in as little as eight minutes without ever having to get out of their vehicles. Oil filters and other critical fluids are check and top up by train professionals. Take 5 is a part of the Driven Brands family of businesses, which also includes Maaco, Meineke, Carstar, Econo Lube N’ Tune and Brakes and 1-800 Radiator and Air Conditioning.

The Functions of Engine Oil

The importance of knowing the function of your engine oil in order to appreciate the requirement for regular oil changes cannot be overstate. Every motor requires oil, but not all oils are create equal. To be more specific, different makes and models of automobiles have different recommendations for engine oil. Oils use as basic components the foundation of the final product use as engine lubricant. They may be high-mileage, synthetic, a mix or even more fuel-efficient than the others.

More Affordable Price

For the seasonal tire change over at Take 5 Oil Change an appointment is not require. Come by today to get yourself gear up for the next season. Additionally, Take 5 Oil Change provides transmission maintenance, coolant services and the replacement of air filters, wiper blades, power steering fluids and light bulbs. Utilizing a Take 5 Oil Change Coupon or Take 5 Oil Change promotional offer is recommend before placing an order at take5oilchange. This will allow you to get more affordable price.

Franchise Offering Quick Maintenance Services

Take 5 Oil Change a franchise offering quick and simple vehicle maintenance services through drive-through lanes, with more than 575 locations across 18 states. For instance, Take 5 Oil Change has 17 locations around the state of South Carolina and is now establishing its sixth location in Charleston. You can easily find a nearby Take 5 Oil Change by using their handy shop finder.

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