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Terrific Breakfast Restaurants in the Twin Cities

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Terrific Breakfast Restaurants in the Twin Cities

There are plenty of good reasons to live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and one of these reasons is the fantastic foodie scene. In the 2020 James Beard Foundation National Awards, you could find 8 chefs and 3 restaurants cited as semifinalists in 6 out of 11 categories. 

The same quality can be said for your breakfast options here. Sure, when you’re in a hurry you can get an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s, a Breakfast Baconator from Wendy’s or a Breakfast Crunchwrap from Taco Bell (view full menu). 

But if you live near or drive by any of the following restaurants on your way to work, then you definitely need to check out what they have to offer for breakfast: 

Sun Street Breads

Located on Nicollet Ave. in the Tangletown neighborhood of Minneapolis, you’ll find here a sunny place with lots of light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. In the warmer seasons, you might even enjoy your breakfast on the patio. The atmosphere is decidedly casual, so just relax. 

For breakfast, try going with the biscuit egg-and-bacon sandwich, along with a nicely delicate cardamom bun. You can even add some poutine if that’s not enough! 

Colossal Café

When carbs are essential breakfast components for you, this might be your go-to place in St. Paul. Head on out to Como Ave., and choose from the crumbly biscuits, huge caramel rolls, and the impossibly tall yeast-based pancakes. 

The basic short stack with maple syrup is a favorite option here. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, go with the signature topping, which comes with walnuts, apples, brie cheese slices, and the honey-brown sugar syrup. 

Or you can always try out any of the breakfast sandwiches here, along with the frittatas and omelets. There’s hardly a “wrong” choice here. 

Victor’s 1959 Café

This is an iconic restaurant in South Minneapolis, as it’s been serving Cuban staples for more than 2 decades. If you’re not in a hurry and the weather is nice, you should try enjoying your breakfast on the patio. It even has a tropical theme. 

For breakfast, you can always try the famous Basque Stew. You’re then getting some eggs with a Creole stew that features ham, Spanish chorizo, and veggies. Or you can go with their ropa vieja, which they slowly cook with eggs and plantains. 

Even the coffee here is fantastic. Whatever you’re having for breakfast, don’t forget to order the creamy café con leche

Highland Grill 

The folks who work here in this St. Paul restaurant specialize in contemporary comfort foods, and they have that same idea for breakfast. You might go with the basic stack of fluffy pancakes, but you’ll realize that with the great taste, these pancakes aren’t simple at all. 

The blueberry French toast is also a nice option, especially when you enjoy it with some whipped cream cheese. 

If you’re up to it, go try the sweet potato hash. Your potatoes come with some spicy bits of Italian sausage and some zingy peppers, along with some kale. That’ll wake you up! 

Common Roots Café

This place on Lyndale Ave. in Minneapolis has this cheerful neighborhood vibe that’s hard to resist, especially if you really want to start your day right. Here, they offer classic breakfast options with unique twists, so you’re not getting the same old thing. 

Go with the challah French toast with cardamom brown sugar syrup, along with the turkey confit hash, and it’s a great way to start the day. 

Hot Hands Pie & Biscuit

If you’re in St. Paul and you’re somewhere Snelling Ave. visit this place for breakfast. The breakfast menu is quite extensive, with lots of excellent pastries and biscuit pairings. 

The breakfast sausage roll is always a good option to go with your coffee. Pick either sausage or bacon, and it comes with some roasted serrano mayo, American cheese, and fried egg. 

Maria’s Café

If you’re a fan of classic American breakfasts but you like to vary things up every now and then, you’ll love it here in this Minneapolis breakfast place. It offers a cozy neighborhood vibe, with some Colombian hot chocolate to go with your breakfast. These breakfast options include lots of possible choices when it comes to pancakes, with the option to add some cotija cheese. 

Maria’s Colombian Huevos Pericos is particularly great. You get 3 scrambled eggs, with white onions, green onions, diced tomatoes, some sort of special seasoning, and then topped with cheddar cheese. It’s served with tortilla and homemade salsa, and it’s one way to satisfy your appetite. 

French Hen Café

This St. Paul restaurant in Cathedral Hill offers a breakfast menu that’s heavily influenced by French and Creole cuisine. If you want something sweet for breakfast, go with the coconut lime French toast. If you favor a savory breakfast, then try the mushroom vegetable crepe with a Creole market hash. 

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