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Tips to Achieve a Good Band Score in IELTS Writing

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IELTS Writing

Candidates usually think about the writing section of an IELTS test as the hardest obstacle between them and their aim of studying abroad. Well, this section looks at your capability to understand and answer a given problem, intelligibility, grammatical knowledge, cohesion, coherence and extensive variety of the word bank. However, your capacity to expound your perspectives and potential to properly understand the given problem is all that can help you score more in this section. 

Apart from your grasping ability, your writing skills matter a lot and you need to take care of plenty of things to ensure your success in the writing section. So, we have highlighted some writing tips that will surely boost your IELTS writing scores. Well, if you want to get proper training from an expert to beef up your skills, you can look for a top IELTS coaching platform on Search India

Here are the best tips you can follow to boost your IELTS writing scores: 

Understand the question 

The biggest mistake candidates make is they start writing without even understanding the question properly to save their time. Do you think it is a better strategy? Not at all! This way, they go off topic and end up ruining the task and efforts. In the end, they get lower scores. So, make sure to observe the question first, understand what type of answer is required and make a structure in your mind. Keep in mind to write on the given topic because the examiner will deduct your scores if you go off track and write something else. Buy tiktok views uk

Avoid repetition of words 

Repetition of words in the writing task can lower your IELTS writing scores. Therefore, don’t repeat words in your task if you want to score more. Well, how can you do that? Simply, by increasing your word bank. With a high vocabulary, you will be able to use synonyms of the word if required to use the same word multiple times in the writing task. This will leave a good impression on the examiner and will raise your scorecard level. So, make a routine and read English newspapers, novels, books and journals on a daily basis. Jot down unique and complicated words, find out their meanings along with synonyms and antonyms and use them in your daily life. If you use newly learned words in your everyday life, it will give you a better apprehension and will reduce the chances of errors. 

Use formal language 

If you are spending most of the time on your phone chatting with your friends, you might be habitual of using an informal tone of language. Well, this habit can reduce your IELTS writing scores because informal language and shorthand words are strictly prohibited in the writing task. So, make sure to use a formal tone both while communicating with others and while chatting with your friends. This will save you from using anything informal in the writing task that might offend the examiner and hurt your scores. 

Keep a check on word count 

Being an IELTS test-taker, you must know that there is a certain word limit in writing task 1 as well as writing task 2. Along with a time limit, there is a fixed time duration to complete both tasks. So, you must keep a close check on the word count so that you can complete both tasks within a given time period. Well, the word count and the weightage of task 1 are less as compared to task 2. So, it is better to give 20 minutes to complete task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2.  Don’t just get stuck on task 1 for so long as writing more won’t benefit you anything and you will only end up losing your scores. So, make a plan and implement it accordingly to complete both tasks as per the per count and time duration. 

Use what you know the best 

Candidates make a lot of spelling mistakes in the writing task. They try to use complicated words but end up misspelling them because they are not properly familiar with those words. Do you make the same mistake while attempting mock tests? Will it help you achieve a desirable score? A big no! So, make sure to use what you know best to avoid silly mistakes in IELTS writing. 

Do you want to polish your writing skills with the apt guidance of a trainer? If yes, then look for the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana on Search India and get ready to score well in IELTS writing. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, both tasks of IELTS writing could be easy to attempt if you prepare following the right strategy. So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to achieve a good band score in IELTS writing. 

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