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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Mexico

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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular countries for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and historic architecture. Many people are eager to get back to Mexico (when we can all be safe), but in the meantime, let’s enjoy some fun facts about Mexico to get to know the country better.

A land of colour, excitement, energy and smiles, Mexico remains one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Latin America. When exploring the country, visitors can choose from a wide range of attractions, from heavenly beaches and nature reserves to otherworldly festivals and architectural mysteries.

Mexico has undoubtedly earned an enviable reputation for its world-class cuisine and hospitable locals, but there’s still a lot to learn about this fascinating land. For example: Did you know that Mexico invented the color TV? This country is home to the largest pyramid in the world? Yes!

With its rich culture, world-class cuisine, and incredible heritage and history, Mexico is a place that has amazed and fascinated people all over the world.

For most people, Mexico is known for its world-class beaches, but also for being a corrupt drug state run by drug lords.

Unfortunately, this is an opinion based on stereotypes and negative press that makes people afraid to visit Mexico, however, not many people actually know what Mexico is known for.

So what is Mexico is known for? Scroll through for the 2022 update for 30 of the funniest, coolest, weirdest, craziest, and most unique facts about Mexico (plus some additional facts about Mexico City).s

You probably know a ton of exciting and cool facts about Mexico!

Keep reading this article for a full list of the 50 most interesting facts about Mexico.

Read on to learn Mexico facts you never knew! Also check out: 25 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Interesting Mexico Facts

Table of contents

1. Its name is not what you think it is

The first interesting fact about Mexico is that its name is not really Mexico. Mexico’s real name is the United Mexican States, also known as Estados Unidos Mexicanos. The country is divided into states like USA

Mexico has 31 states and one federal district. Each state has its own police, statutes and laws

The Federal District, Federal District, was once the capital of Mexico. Most people think the capital has always been Mexico City, but that didn’t happen until 2016.

Since the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City is located within the Federal District, it is difficult to remember. Only those residing in the Federal District are considered capital residents.

2. It’s not just a beach destination

tonina mexico chiapas

Tonina ruins in Chiapas, Mexico

Travelers tend to head to the beaches of Mexico for their summer vacation. However, the country is more than just a beach destination.

Mexico is rich in history and has 34 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders. Some of the most popular historic centers include Mexico City, Puebla and Guanajuato.

It is also home to several ancient sites, most notably Chichen Itza and the Tequila Fields of Tequila.

The country is located in the middle of the Pacific Rim belt, commonly known as the “Ring of Fire”, a place known for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

This is one of the coolest Facts about mexico because it means Mexico is home to a rare breed of rabbit that lives near volcanoes called the Volcano Rabbit.

Outside of Puebla, you’ll find Cuxcomat, the world’s smallest volcano. The volcano is only 43 feet tall and looks like a small hill.

In addition to having the smallest volcanoes, Mexico also has the largest ancient pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest monument in the world.

3. U.S. citizens make up the largest immigrant group in Mexico

In Mexico, the largest foreign-born population is actually U.S. citizens. In fact, more Americans immigrated to Mexico than vice versa.

Many Americans find food surprising when moving or visiting Mexico. Mexican food in the US is considered Tex-Mex, and authentic Mexican food is different.

In Mexico, people don’t eat burritos or rice burritos. Burritos are not that popular in Mexico unless you are in the northern region.

Another difference between Mexican food found in the US and food found in Mexico is that the authentic version is not very spicy. Instead, it tasted sour due to the use of limes.

4. It was home to the first printing press

In North America, the first printing press was built and used in Mexico City. This dates back to 1539 at the house of the First Printing House or Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América.

The first printing press was actually used in Mexico before it entered the United States.

5. It has animals big and small

Mexican Facts Chihuahua

The jaguar is the largest wild cat in North America and can roam near Mayan ruins or in the Mexican jungle.

Mexico is also home to the Chihuahua, the smallest dog breed known to man. This dog breed originated in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, hence the name.

6. Mexico City is sinking

Mexico City sinks every year. In North America, Mexico City is the oldest city and has the highest elevation. It was also built on the ruins of the lakeside city of Tenochtitlan. Read more: 10 best things to do for an epic trip in Mexico City

Tenochtitlàn was an Aztec city where the Aztecs built a system of canals and dykes to prevent flooding. When the Spaniards showed up, they drained the lake bed instead of curbing flood control efforts.

The Mexican population in Mexico City is growing every year, requiring more water to pump. As a result, the city is sinking about 6 to 8 inches per year.

7. It is not a third world country

Events in the Cancun Hotel Zone

The Cold War has the term “third world” to thank. It was created as one of three geopolitical alliance divisions. Countries allied with the United States were considered “first world” at the time. The Soviet Union’s allies were “Second World” countries. Countries that are not allied with any of them are called “third world”.

Even after the end of the Cold War, the term still exists. “Third World” became another name for poverty, while the other two sectors were unheard of.

Mexico has a large gap between rich and poor, but in terms of GDP per capita, they are not considered a poor country. Mexico offers enough attractions like any other developed country.

8. It differs from Latin America in some ways

From culture to language, Mexico is very different from Latin America. For one thing, Mexico is in North America, not Latin America.

When it comes to language, Mexican Spanish is a bit of a slang term. This is a unique variant of Spanish. Read more: India and Mexico, more alike than you think

If you have ever studied Spanish in school, you are probably aware of this fact. Spanish teachers reiterate the differences in Spanish around the world.

Latin America and Mexico are similar when it comes to toilet paper. Yes, you read that right, toilet paper. In Mexico and Latin America, they prefer to throw toilet paper in the trash instead of flushing it down the toilet. Where Mexico is closer to the ocean this tends to be stricter.

In fact, one of our Indian friends noticed that India and Mexico are more similar than you might think

9. Not everyone in Mexico speaks Spanish

Officially, Spanish is the national language of Mexico, the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. However, the indigenous people of Mexico did not always say it. There are 68 other recognized languages ​​throughout the country, and there is no clear official language in Mexico.

10. Cinco De Mayo does not celebrate

Mexican hat

On September 27, 1821, Mexico declared its independence. However, more than a decade ago, on September 16, 1810, the War of Independence began. Because of this, Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on September 16.

Common in America, Cinco de Mayo is a day when people meet and have fun. Mexican immigrants in the U.S. may celebrate the day.

Most people don’t know that Cinco de Mayo is a day commemorating the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The people of Puebla do celebrate this day. Top 10 Interesting Facts About Mexico

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