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Top 4 Reasons To Hire In-Store Promoters for Your Brand

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In store promoters

Marketing can make or break a business. It is especially applicable to retail businesses. No matter how good the product is, the target audience is unlikely to discover it without proper marketing. Even vanguard retailers invest in marketing, especially in-store marketing, to help boost sales.

It has been suggested that retail businesses spend most of their marketing budgets on creating new businesses and retaining customers, with 21.9% of their average total spent on marketing. However, there’s no need for big banners or TV advertisements for this to work. Simply use people! In store promoters can help reach your audience organically.

What Exactly Does a Sales Promoter Do?

A sales promoter focuses on displaying, demonstrating, or providing samples of the products to shoppers who walk into the store. This way, they create a personal connection with the target group and help sell through emotions.

Here are five reasons to invest in in-store retail promoters.

1. Selling with empathy

Online marketing techniques can sometimes lack the emotional connection a person wants. Placing retail promoters in stores where the audience has someone to talk to and interact with before they buy the product can help rectify it. In-store promoters establish a connection with the audience through questions and provide details about the product in an empathetic manner. It puts a brand positively, helping make more sales.

2. Cross-selling or Upselling

Upselling or cross-selling can help put the business ahead of the competitors. These two processes also help achieve revenue goals, help customers and earn their trust. In-store retail promoters focus on meeting customer needs more than pushing the product or service. When that connection is formed, the audience is more likely to purchase a high-priced product, thus increasing your ROI.

3. Strategic product placement

In-store promoters are specialized people who know product placement goes a long way in promoting sales. They generally place the product near high-density areas or near the mid-section of the market. This placement disrupts the shopper’s trip and brings their focus to the product and the retail promoter.

4. Live Q&A

In-store promoters can answer any and all questions a buyer may have about the product or the brand. It helps build reliability and trust, which goes a long way. The promoter can mold the answers to fit their needs in specific, evoking an emotional buy. They also collect feedback whenever necessary.

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Retail brands need sales promoters to take care of their sales, build brand awareness and attract customers. Two examples are providing free product samples to retailers or just having a person describe the product. Using in-store retail promoters can help brands generate more business and connect with their audience. Brands can also use this method to launch a new product or service in the market. Word-of-mouth can go a long way in increasing ROI.

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