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Top 5 Best Lawn Brands in Pakistan for 2022-23

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Pakistani ladies are known for their excellent sense of style, particularly for their affinity for ethnic clothing. We are all aware that when it comes to dressing up, clothes are essential in giving our personalities a modern vibe. One can employ the appropriate choice of dress for whatever event one will be attending to best display their individuality. When given the option, we often choose a saree or a shalwar kameez for getting a sophisticated and beautiful image.

There is no question that cotton is the most comfortable fabric. The finest feature is that it is breathable, and the best part is that it has breath-taking patterns and embroidery. We are certain that the majority of you would agree that the summer shopping season, known as “lawn season,” is our favorite of the year. The fact that there are so many lawn companies makes it challenging to decide where to buy a lawn product, even if many lawn businesses are introducing their collections.

Pakistan’s Top 5 Best Lawn Brands

The good news is that because I’ve got you covered, there’s nothing to worry about. Our business has invested time in learning about the best lawn brands in Pakistan that you are trustable. Look over the condensed list of options below for a minute, then choose your preferred brand.

• Rafia

• Sifona

• Khaadi

• Mary B.

• Zaha



RAFIA exclusive formal & party wear is a female clothing brand specializing in fancy fabrication, embroidery, and embellishment. Their journey started with chiffon formal wear in 2003 with small unit & few labors since than RAFIA apparels have been well received in Pakistan as well as in foreign countries which encouraged us to expand our categories to 

Rafia Khas: Area of expertise includes

· Well-finished hand-embellished Traditional Luxury Wear with zardozi

· Resham & gota work

· Best for wedding ceremonies & post-wedding bridal dresses

Formal wear: Chiffon embroidered traditional dresses elegantly embellished with stones & pearls, give the wearer a graceful classic look.

Luxury prêt: Jacquard, Silk & Viscose ready to wear suitable for dinner & small gatherings

Casual wear: Printed Lawn, Cotton, Cambric & Khadar. Seasonal stitched dresses for everyday use 

Kids wear Frock, Shararah & Kameez Salwar for teen girls.

They offer a wide range of women’s clothing under one roof. At RAFIA a team of highly qualified Fashion & Textile designers works hard together to develop trendy cultured dresses. Their sole focus is to provide high-end ready-to-wear for all occasions. Beforehand RAFIA exclusive formal & party wear is a well-loved & trusted brand in Pakistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada & South Africa & continued to conquer more locations worldwide.


Sifona is one of the most well-known top designer labels with its headquarters in Karachi. It is well known for its fashionable clothing with a luxury look at an affordable price. The designer brand has achieved greatness on a worldwide scale thanks to its elegance. Sifona is well known for producing incredible works of art. Sifona consistently adds a fresh spin whenever it has the opportunity.

Because it offers gorgeous grass patterns and embroidered collections every year, this is a fashion company you should keep an eye on. Every year, it also introduces a lovely grass line that is both incredibly stunning and fairly priced for a high-end designer brand.


Pakistani ladies like several popular clothes and lifestyle companies, Khaadi being one such example. Customers have long been amazed by this brand’s distinctive collections, which include bright tones, eye-catching designs, and a traditional but modern style, all of which are enhanced by a combination of brilliant hues and eye-catching patterns. In a short amount of time, Khaadi has garnered the top honors in Pakistan and within a few years has established a reputation as one of the most well-liked brands across all categories.

Maria B

Maria B is a leading lawn brand in Pakistan that provides its consumers with high-quality clothing. Maria B is a regular participant in the designer lawn business. She was one of the industry’s early adopters and has been a steady participant for more than 10 years. Despite this, the advertisements have simply become more adamant, often using famous people as their faces.


When it comes to unusual clothing that is brimming with individuality, stunning femininity, and timeless appeal, Zaha is the only option worth considering. It has a philosophy that is fundamentally modern and dynamic. With its striking and varied style, it honors the self-assured lady in a manner that evokes elements of spirit and inventiveness.

Its assortment of lawn items is completely out of this world and focuses on high-end, luxurious goods. We specialize in offering on-trend colors, handcrafted embroideries, and materials that are responsibly produced and created in the USA as a company that has something for every occasion. By providing its customers with a one-stop shop for all of their fashion requirements in one place, Zaha supports the uniqueness and sense of style of its ladies.

Final Thoughts

The women’s fashion business in Pakistan is constantly evolving. So when we see these businesses expanding abroad, it’s always a terrific experience and a proud moment to look at their new grass collections. Rafia is the brand we can most strongly advise choosing out of all those listed above. It’s an important step that more and more designers are entering the fashion business with new ideas and impacting it with their perspectives. Plan a store visit or indulge in online shopping to take advantage of these fantastic lawn brands available in Pakistan.

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