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Top EMR Software Options To Consider in Year 2023

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EHR and Practice Valocity are very different, despite being very similar. Practice Velocity, for example, combines remote monitoring, virtual health care and telemedicine into one system. Netsmart EHR, on the other hand, focuses on older patients with chronic diseases. The online portal and mobile application allow caregivers to track patients’ health and book appointments. Researchers from the University of Michigan, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and others developed the technology.


TherapyNotes integrates scheduling and billing into one system. The calendar lets you create custom appointments for specific patients, locations, and billing schedules. You can also generate patient statements, superbills and billing reports with the program. The program can also create CMS-1500 forms, and export data to Excel.

TherapyNotes includes powerful note features that can be used by mental health professionals. These notes are vital for documenting patient interactions and are frequently cited as the most requested feature in EHR software. You can create treatment plans, psychological evaluations and progress notes. Each template is included in the software. TherapyNotes forms, unlike paper-based notes allow you to organize your thoughts using checkboxes or auto-filling fields.

Another EHR option is Netsmart myUnity. This software is for community-oriented healthcare providers. The software is comprehensive and scalable, with a focus on post-acute care and specialized treatments. It integrates with many EHRs, and provides many features at a lower cost. The software also comes with an application management package that provides access to executives and application specialists.


Their functionality is the main difference between Netsmart myUnity and Practice velocity EHR software. Practice velocity is more customizable and flexible, while Netsmart MyUnity is better suited for community-based healthcare providers. It can also be used to provide post-acute and specialized care. myUnity is the best choice if you’re looking for an EHR to streamline your on-field care as well as virtual appointments. It connects to different departments within your practice.

Netsmart myUnity offers population health management and electronic referee management. These features improve provider revenue and patient care. It can be customized and optimized for various healthcare providers, including home and hospice. The software offers many options for post-acute care providers. This includes the ability to upload images and documents to patients in real-time. It also supports special conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

Netsmart myUnity offers a standalone web application called Reaching Recovery. It is designed to assist agencies and organizations in managing the recovery of patients with chronic illnesses. The Joint Commission approved it for clinicians. It contains tools for self-management as well as care coordination. It is designed to reduce overall recovery costs and allow health care providers to concentrate on quality care.


You may have wondered if you should use one of the popular EHR options on the market if you are a physician. While they share the same functionality, they offer distinct differences. The one for chronic illness management is the system, while the other is intended for general practitioners. Both systems can be accessed via mobile devices and are cloud-based. Both systems offer customizable reporting, patient statements, as well as integration with third-party applications.

The way they handle administrative tasks is what makes the difference between these EHR solutions. AthenaOne is the most popular medical app in America, with its iOS version being the best. There are many useful features such as voice recognition, dictation tools and an encounter planning tool. These features simplify workflows and help reduce physician burnout.

Athenahealth practice velocity and Netsmart myUnity are different because of the underlying EHR platform. Netsmart myUnity is compatible with multiple platforms which makes it an attractive choice for larger healthcare organisations. TherapyNotes is a low-cost alternative that can be tailored to the needs of smaller practices.


DocuTAP EMR, a cloud-based electronic medical records system, is easy to use and compatible with tablets. It was originally designed for emergency rooms. However, it has been adapted to primary care settings, urgent medical care, pediatrics and occupational health clinics. It includes automatic E/M coding and templates as well as streamlined workflows. It also features integrated revenue cycle management.

DocuTAP EMR has been in operation for over 20 years. It merged with Practice Velocity in order to create a new company. The combined companies provide a stronger offering for doctors and ancillary professionals.

Practice Velocity EHR software can be used with more than 125 specialty practice management systems. It supports EHR-based billing, and it has been designed to maximize efficiency and best practices. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized medical practices.

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