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Top Reasons To Confirm Educational Degrees For UAE

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Top Reasons To Confirm Educational Degrees For UAE

Educational Certificate for UAE is a tiring and challenging but crucial process. Anyone who has no idea about the certificate attestation process will have to deal with many additional hurdles. For those who intend to move to the UAE to study or work, it is mandatory to have school references confirmed by the country’s local embassy. In addition to being mandatory, there are also many reasons why you should undergo the education certificate attestation process. We’ve listed them below, so check them out!

Increase the credibility of the document

Document Attestation, Specific Attestation for Educational Certificates for UAE, provides credibility. All documents that are attested have a certification that they are in fact from credible sources and have real value. This will allow you to avoid all the scenarios that may turn out to be unfavorable for you while you are in a foreign country such as the United Arab Emirates, for example being questioned about the quality of education you have received.

Helps secure employment status

A certificate being confirmed helps secure a position or employment status in the country. Whether you want to work or get your education in the UAE, an attested educational certificate will allow you to obtain facilities provided by the government or by companies.

Giving Recognition as Legal Documents

An attested document is considered a legal document, so there is no longer any doubt about the authenticity and nature of a diploma or certificate. The UAE attestation process ensures that your documents are recognized at both a local and international level. Documents duly certified by the relevant authorities can be processed without any inconvenience to the document holder.

Are Laminated Documents Acceptable for Diploma Certificate in UAE?

The lamination of a teaching certificate must be removed slowly and very carefully so as not to damage an original copy of the document. The stamp of an authority that processes the attestation of a document is placed on an area on a certificate that is not laminated. It is recommended to avoid lamination on certificates as different countries and authorities have different requirements for certificates. There is also a risk of unwanted damage if the lamination of valuable education certificates is removed.

Which authorities will process the certificate of my training certificate?

The UAE certificate attestation process will vary depending on many factors. There are countries and schools that require stamps from district education officials from their state; however, the general process includes stamping and sealing by the following government agencies:

  • Notary
  • Interior of the State concerned
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Foreign Affairs of the document’s country of origin
  • The UAE embassy in the document’s country of origin
  • Ministry/Dept. UAE Foreign Affairs

Are apostille and authentication the same thing?

Authentication is confirming and establishing that something or someone is authentic. In the case of certificates, the authentication process will trace the origin of the documents. The procedure for authentication or attestation of foreign documents differs from country to country, depending on the nature of a certificate.

The apostille is affixed by a competent department designated by the government of a state that is a party to the Hague Convention. Designated authorities include courts, ministries and embassies.

If a document issued outside the UAE is used within the UAE, a document must be attested. An apostille is required for documents that go to bed in countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

What documents are required for document attestation?

In order to have documents attested, among other things, the original documents to be attested and identification cards, including the passport of the document holder, are required. Sending a document from one country to another can be a challenging and time-consuming process. There are many things that can go wrong leading to a waste of money. If not done properly, the original documents may also be lost. Therefore, it is advisable to have experienced professionals carry out the attestation process. Experts who provide attestation services in UAE, such as Notary Public Dubai, help to obtain authentication from official government agencytie.

With the attestation of important documents such as educational certificates, personal documents and company papers, you would like to know that you would complete the process quickly and successfully! Let our attestation specialists help you.

Notary Public Dubai has been the leading authentication and legalization service provider across the country for over three decades. Contact us today for more information or to book a consultation with our team. Our experts can review your documents and advise you on the process to follow.

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