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Triund Trek – Popular Trekking Place

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Triund Trek

Triund trek is a beautiful and tranquil trekking destination in India that is quite well-liked by tourists. It is tucked away in the Dhauladhar Mountains, 18 kilometres from Dharamshala. Triund gives upscale views of the picturesque Dhauladhar peaks and Kangra Valley. Yet, the Triund trek is rather taxing and well-liked by thrill-seekers.

Every time, a large number of adventure seekers are drawn to this stirring and extremely thrilling voyage. Also, the breathtaking views of the girding at various times of the day leave almost every tourist and adventurer awestruck with their allure. Triund Trek is renowned for its steep, well-defined, and undulating paths that wind through picturesque forests with oak and rhododendron trees.

Since the Triund Trek is one of India’s most well-known excursions, Banbanjara has acquired all the information regarding this significant and cherished adventure.

When Is a Fashionable Time to Go on a Round Trek?

With the exception of January and February, when there is a lot of snowfall, the breathtaking Triund Trek is accessible all year round. Some of the Triund tourist route has been blocked by the region’s significant snowfall over the past two months. The chic period to visit Triund is from March to June. It is one of the most well-liked trekking routes in India. You can see a pleasant, relaxing downpour at this time with good visibility.

How can I get to Triund?

It is possible to go to Triund in a variety of ways. To reach your objective, you can use a machine, a railway, or a field.

Base Camp is located in Dharamshala.

Gaggal Airport, located 13 kilometres away from Dharamshala, is the closest airport to Triund Trek. When planning a trip to Thailand, be sure to check out’s inexpensive flight tickets.

Pathankot, which is tucked away 85 kilometres down from Dharamshala, is the closest rail station to the Triund Trek.

Shiva Café, Gallu Devi Temple, Shri Kunam Pathri Devi Temple, and Bhagsu Falls are among the route’s key landmarks.

Triund Trek’s high points

Required time period One day and two nights. Mcleodganj and Bhagsu Village are separated by a distance of 7 km and 3 km, respectively, between them.

Length of Time Needed to Finish the Trip 3-5 hours on one side

Degree of Difficulty Triund Trek varies between being simple and challenging.

A well-liked route, the Triund Trek draws both knowledgeable and uninitiated pedestrians. The ascents on the route range from gradual to severe, which beginners may handle without difficulty. The voyage on the Triund isn’t particularly long, therefore it’s not too exhausting either. The first five kilometres of the Triund trek are simple, straightforward, and not hilly, but later on the road becomes steep and necessitates a robust walk. As a result of the route’s 22 acute angles, the Triund trip is still affectionately referred to as 22 angles.

Also, the road is covered in snow during some days, making it more difficult and arduous for adventure seekers to trek along it.

Effects to have in Triund

As one of the most well-known tourist attractions, Triund attracts a large number of adventure and nature seekers. Tourists on excursions in Triund have access to colourful other conditioning. The list of effects that one can see in Triund is shown below.

Triund campground camping The most popular activity in Triund is camping, another comparable activity. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the view of the night sky from Triund is so beautiful that it can inspire you to buy a roof at any time.

Moreover, roofs may be easily leased from Triund for a chic camping adventure in the breathtaking girding.

Hike to the Laka Glacier After the Triund Trek, there is a trip up to the Laka Glacier, which is famous for providing breathtaking views of the area’s natural splendour. The route includes difficult uphill climbing, thus this trip is still far too exhausting for newbies. The trip is about 2 kilometres upwards from Triund, and the entire stretch provides breath-taking vistas of the Dhauladhar snow-covered mountains and Kangra Valley.

Visiting the Bhagsu Waterfall On the way to Triund, this breathtaking cascade can be found. It is well-known for its infamous old Shiva Temple. The 20-base-high Bhagsu Cascade is encircled by natural joy.

What Else Should You Pack?

Attempt to go for Triund Trek with a well-known person who has already done it. yet, you can also pay for a travelling companion.

You can go to the homestay near Gallu Devi Temple. You can stop on route if you’d like.

Try to stay at the camp in Triund for a better and more memorable experience, while there are also guest homes there. The hotel is operated by the Forest Department, which visitors can contact directly or at Dharamshala.

To ensure a comfortable walk, try to travel with a nice pair of shoes.

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