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View the Stone County Inmate Roster

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The Stone County Correctional Facility offers a variety of services for inmates, from Visitation privileges to a Work release program. For more information, check out this article. You’ll also learn about the Health services available to inmates. You can also view the inmate roster. However, you may need to apply to get connected to an inmate’s account.

Stone County Correctional Facility

You can find out any information about a prisoner at the Stone County Correctional Facility by searching for the inmate’s name and case number on the inmate roster. This database contains information like the person’s arrest date, bookings, mugshots, criminal records, and more. You can also find out the person’s current housing block, the posting date, and the release date.

The Stone County Correctional Facility has a total of 79 bookings every month. It is staffed with 131 employees. 125 prisoners are employed in the in-office work lines. The facility also oversees the Stone County Work Leave Center.

Visitation privileges

Visitation privileges are a key component of a visitation plan for a prisoner. The process starts by completing an application. The Warden will review the application and record the names of approved visitors in the inmate database. Inmates can have up to four visitors at a time. If there are minor children involved, the visitor must supervise them or else visitation privileges will be revoked.

The online Stone County inmate roster will give you detailed information about each inmate. This information includes the federal, state and local inmate’s name, a photo of the inmate, and his or her criminal history. In some cases, you can find out their current address and phone number. You may also find out about their visitation privileges and how you can obtain a copy of the inmate’s prison record.

Health services offered to inmates

The Stone County Correctional Facility offers a variety of health services to inmates. These services are available on a limited basis. The Stone County Jail allows inmates to receive visits from family and friends. Social visits may take up to 15 minutes, and visitors must be on an approved visitor list. Visitors are also required to present ID before visiting an inmate.

The Stone County Correctional Facility’s inmate lookup database provides the name, age, and booking number of inmates. This database also includes the inmate’s criminal record, posting date, and bond amount.

Work release program

If you want to find out who is incarcerated at the Stone County Correctional Facility, you can look up the inmate list on the county’s website. You can find out their name, the date they were booked, where they are staying, what they’ve been charged with and more. You can also find out their race and whether they’ve been released yet.

You can also visit them onsite. The jail allows visitors to see inmates during certain hours, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, on weekdays. The inmate will fill out a list of approved visitors and you can schedule a visit for up to 30 minutes.

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