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Vintage-inspired Room Design Ideas

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Décor fads come and go, but we can’t deny that vintage and antique influenced decor is timeless. Vintage inspo is all the rage in the home design industry, with ‘granny chic’ and ‘grandmillennial’ styles dominating our favorite designers’ insta-feeds. Classic décor is classic for a reason, and traditional house design is making a strong comeback with some sensible modern touches.

The key to creating the ideal modern vintage room is to combine stylish current concepts with antique-inspired décor elements. If you have been thinking about ditching your modern farmhouse kitchen style in favor of something that would make your grandmother proud, we are here to assist! We have got all the ideas you need to turn your design aspirations become reality.

Vintage Bedroom Idea

A vintage or antique-inspired bedroom decor may create a great sense of warmth and familiarity. Contemporary antique bedroom design has the ability to inspire that ‘lived-in’ sensation by blending aged appearances and natural finishes with modern flourishes, producing a welcoming environment that you want to be in not just sleep in! These suggestions will make integrating antique vibes into your house simple, whether you are changing your lighting or adding a new piece of accent furniture.

Antique Bedroom Lighting

Choosing new vintage-inspired bedroom lighting is an excellent approach to start re-styling your space. Getting your bedroom lighting design exactly right is critical to making it a comfortable place to get up and retire each day, and there are a plethora of alternatives available to assist in creating the ideal vintage-style bedroom.

Consider the glam and dazzle of vintage bedroom chandeliers to kickstart your bedroom makeover. Chandeliers are ideal for adding ambient lighting that fills the whole area while supplementing specific task lightings such as swing arm sconces or desk lamps. Chandeliers with aged wood finishes and materials will give the impression of being rustic, worn, or vintage. Crystal embellishments and warm gold or brass finishes can help to create an attractive classic or victorian-glam look.

Beaded chandeliers (or semi-flush ceiling lights for lower ceilings) offer a gentle, feminine touch to a space and are great for achieving the ultra-trendy granny chic appearance. After you have taken care of the ambient lighting, don’t forget that bedrooms require task lighting as well! Swing arm wall lamps positioned on each side of your bed save room on your nightstand while providing an adjustable light source within easy reach without losing beauty. If you want to dress it up, go for a showy finish in gold or brass and crystal or glass embellishments. A modest dark finish in black or bronze, or a wooden design, on the other hand, can help bring other old antique items in the room together without dominating the space.

Vintage Bedroom Décor Ideas

Once you have revitalized your bedroom lighting, you are ready to fill that well-lit room with lovely vintage furniture and décor once. When it comes to picking vintage furniture for your bedroom, you have a few options. Rustic furniture is ideal for achieving an old, rustic appearance. Traditional furniture, on the other hand, has a more traditional appearance. Because retro chic style is a grab-bag, there are many decorating alternatives and opportunities for you to get creative!

From antique-inspired sideboards and dressers to aged side tables, you have practically endless furniture options to complete your vintage-style bedroom. To make your bedroom furniture stand out, contrast the finish and material with the current lighting and decor. Match the material of the furniture to the rest of the bedroom decor for a more coherent design. A beautiful antique-inspired mirror completes any vintage bedroom. Before you settle on your ideal mirror design, consider what purpose it will serve. Look for full-length floor mirrors that function as huge statement pieces while adorning your daily attire.

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