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Walbro Pumps – The Best Fuel Pumps For Automobiles

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Walbro Pumps

To run a car, the most important thing is fuel. So, the parts that are related to fuel are also similarly important and thus, fuel pumps serve a major role in automobiles. Therefore, proper care and maintenance as well as replacement of this part if necessary is vital to do.

What Is A Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump is an integral part of any motor vehicle and they are necessary for the engine to function. It is important because it transfers the liquid fuel inside the fuel tank to the fuel injector or the carburetor. This takes place in the internal combustion of the engine. But there lies a fine distinction between the two engines.

In the carbureted engines, low-pressure mechanical pumps are set up outside the fuel tanks.

And in fuel-injected engines, electric fuel pumps are set up inside the engine. A few fuel-injected engines often have two fuel pumps. One pump has low pressure with high volume while the other has high pressure with low volume. 

Walbro Pumps

Walbro is one of the leading companies manufacturing small engine carburetion and auto parts.  The company was founded in November 1950 in the USA by Walter E. Walpole and manufactures varieties of car parts. But the company is most famed for its Walbro pumps in the world of fuel injection of automobiles of various kinds. Walbro carburetors are used most commonly in line-trimmers, leaf blowers, edgers, and chainsaws.

Of all the Walbro pumps that are manufactured the Walbro 255 is the most commonly used pump. But around 2000, the division of the company which manufactured the pumps was bought and taken over by TI Automotive. Today they are actual manufacturers of the pumps that sell by the Walbro name. 

Walbro Pumps

What Are Walbro Pumps Used For?

Walbro pumps have the same mechanism of work as a normal fuel pump however it functions better than any other. It is used to send the gas from the gas tank to the engine through the fuel system. In this process, the gas passes through a fuel filter. It goes into the fuel injectors and ignites inside the cylinders. Walbro pumps not only pump the gas or fuel from the tank to the engine but also help to distribute it with the help of a low-pressure supply to the carburetor or the fuel injection system. 

Walbro pumps are used in outdoor power equipment, recreational devices, and marine and personal transportation items. Walbro has many different types of items in its list of manufactured goods apart from its pumps. 

Signs That Your Walbro Pump Needs Replacement Or Maintenance:

A Walbro pump will run very efficiently but that too needs replacement at some point in time. With daily usage, they too become old and wear and tear out. You will have to notice signs that tell you your pump needs replacement. Read on for the telling signs of a failing pump. Here are the signs that your fuel pump needs to be changed and replaced with a newer version of the Walbro pump.

  • When you have difficulty cranking your engine to life
  • The engine stops all of a sudden
  • The engine runs very roughly when at low speeds or when it is idle
  • The engine will misfire due to a bad fuel pump
  • The acceleration does not happen smoothly
  • Even while driving at a steady speed the engine speed will keep varying
  • There is reduced power that you can feel while driving
  • When climbing uphill the engine performs badly
  • Fuel consumption increases
  • The “check engine” light goes on indicating verification

These are all signs that you should at no cost ignore. If you see any of these signs go to the nearest mechanic and ask for a thorough check-up of your engine. If he indicates a fuel pump malfunction then without any hesitation get your old fuel pump replaced with a new Walbro pump to ensure the longevity and high performance of your car. 


When you replace your old pump with a new Walbro pump make sure that you do so with a genuine one because there are many fake pumps on the market. For this, if you have no idea you can always talk to your mechanic and ask for advice. If he guides you, you may be able to catch hold of a genuine pump because they are the experts in the line.

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