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What Makes Dig It Dubai The Perfect Weekend Getaway For Kids?

by Kieran Edwards
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What Makes Dig It Dubai The Perfect Weekend Getaway For Kids

World societies are changing significantly. The previous generations believed in giving a sheltered and pampered life to children. However, it mostly produced dependent and confused children who could not take a stand on their own. Building self-confidence in children and exposing them to settings where they must take challenges and decide on their own is necessary.

Dig it Dubai is a play facility for kids aged three to twelve. It is designed as a construction site and has the machinery, material and other relevant settings. It offers the perfect atmosphere for children to dig, climb and explore as much as they want. It also lets parents drop their children off for the activity session and take care of what they need to do without worrying about the safety of the kids. It has much more to offer, and you must take your kids there.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail what makes dig it the perfect weekend getaway for kids, and plan your visit accordingly.

Top 6 Highlights of Dig It Dubai You Must Know

Keeping children confined to homes with limited toys will hinder their personality development. They need the right atmosphere and ample exposure to learn and excel in life. Dig it Dubai is the perfect setting which offers a mix of physical activity and creativity. It lets children think and explore out of the box without compromising safety.

Here are some of the major highlights of dig it Dubai you must know to plan a perfect weekend getaway for your children.

1. Race Remote Controlled Truck

The basic highlight of dig it Dubai is the race of remote-controlled trucks. Racing is one thing which is the absolute best thing for kids of all ages. Parents often stop them from it, so they do not end up hurt or cause injuries to others. However, the remote-controlled truck race at Dig it is designed to ensure the safety of children. Parents get Dubai tickets online and head to dig it with their children and help them enjoy racing as much as they want.

2. Build the Highest Tower

One of the major highlights of dig it Dubai is that it provides the best setting to build the highest tower. The facility has all the essentials for setting up the tower. Your child will have to think about the design, or they can get inspiration from Burj Khalifa. After that, they can collect the relevant material for their design and construct a tower as high as them. It will boost the creative skills of your child and help them think out of the box.

3. Explore Climbing Frame

The next highlight of dig it Dubai is that it provides the opportunity to explore the climbing frame. The facility has been designed as a real-life construction site. So, you will find all the basics and essentials of the construction set-up. Children will be able to explore the climbing frame, learn about its use and functionality, as well as put it to use. It will test their creativity and imagination to think about better ways of utilizing it and getting their work done.

4. Check Lego Racers

Checking Lego racers is another major highlight of dig it Dubai, which keeps the kids hooked for a long time. Children have a strange obsession and infatuation with Legos, and they love to play with them endlessly. However, the limitations of playing with Lego blocks at home really frustrate them. Getting a perfect atmosphere and setting like dig it Dubai for the Lego race is nothing less than heaven. So leave them in a fin setting and let them do what they want.

5. Enjoy Diggers’ Club

Another major highlight of dig it Dubai you must be aware of is the diggers club. The club allows visitors to enjoy one free visit after four paid ones. Parents can buy a membership of the digger club and ensure endless fun, entertainment and physical activity for their kids. The bonus aspect is that you do not have to watch your children constantly. You can easily run your errands in the meantime or just watch your child enjoy if you have nothing urgent to take care of.

6. Explore Workshop Activities

The last highlight of dig it parents should know is that children can explore various workshop activities. There are a lot of activities to keep children engaged and interested. Most importantly, they will be able to learn a few things while playing. The most popular workshop activities include paper bag crafts, slime making, cookie decorating, sand art, and tie-dye and clay art. If your child is interested in these, grab tickets and head to the facility to let them enjoy themselves.

Have you booked your tickets?

Pondering too much will only make you waste your time. So, grab your Dig it tickets now and heads to the facility with your kids for the perfect weekend.

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