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What to Know About Personal Loans Before Getting One

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Personal loansare when you borrow money from an online lender, credit union, or bank.  When getting a personal loan, you will have a set amount that you will pay back with a fixed monthly payment.  How long you have to pay it back will depend on where you borrowed it.  You may have a year or longer to pay it back.  Most of the personal loans you take out are unsecured.  This means that repayment is not backed by collateral, such as your home or car. 

This type of personal loan is based on your credit history and score, free cash flow, and debt-to-income ratio.  If you do not qualify for an unsecured personal loans Marlboro, then you will have to have a co-signor or get a secured loan using collateral.  With this loan, if you do not repay it, then the bank can repossess your car or foreclose on your home.  If you have a co-signer, then they would be responsible for paying back the loan.

Two other types of personal loans include fixed-rate which they do not change  or variable-rate, which is where your payments and interest rate can change. One way to evaluate a personal loan to see if it is the best one for your situation is to look at the APR (Annual Percentage Rate).  This is the total cost of borrowing, including any fees and interest.

The APR will vary among lenders and generally ranges from 6% to 35%.  Before you apply for personal loans Jackson, make sure that you look at the rates to find the lowest one.  They will be the one that is less expensive.  One thing to remember is that a personal loan will affect your credit score.  When you pay on time, it will help to build your credit score but if you are late, it can lower your credit score.  Your credit score can even be affected when applying for a personal loan.

There are many things for which you can use a personal loan.  They can be used for home improvement projects, debt consolidation, refinancing an existing loan, medical bills, or unexpected emergencies.  Some will even take personal loans to pay for a vacation or a large purchase, such as new appliances.

When applying for a personal loan, you should try to get pre-qualify with several multi-lenders.  Although each pre-qualification will generally affect your credit score, most lenders will allow a soft pull, which will not hurt your credit score.  If you are preapproved, it will trigger a hard pull.  This will usually knock off less than five points from your credit scores.  This will stay on your credit report for a couple of years.  Once you have selected a lender you will have to do a formal application, supplying financial documentation, employment status, and ID. 


To get the best rates and to increase your chance of getting a personal loan, you should have a good credit score and a good job record.  It can be used for a variety of reasons and paid back in monthly payments.

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