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What You Need to Do When Moving House or Flat in Chennai?

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When you move into a new home, there are many things to consider. Unpacking isn’t the only big job that needs to be done before you can settle in. As a homeowner, you are responsible for getting to know your house, learning how it works, and figuring out what projects you want to do first. It’s better to take care of everything when you move in than to wait and assume you’ll figure it out later. You can hire packers and movers in Chennai. Of course, you already have a lot going on. So, to help you get settled into your new place, here is a rundown of the essentials.

Hire Packers and Movers in Chennai

Between 6 and 8 weeks before your move, you should try to book the moving company and order some boxes. Most packers and movers in Chennai are pretty flexible if you need to change the exact date of the move. If you need self-storage, you should also start looking into it about two months before the move.

Schools and Jobs

When you start planning your move, say two months in advance, you should ensure you have enough time off work on both sides of moving day. If you’re moving to a new area with kids, you’ll also need to apply for a new school. Make sure that all the paperwork for this is in order.

You should tell your child’s old school that they are also leaving. Your children’s private school may require a whole school term’s notice if you plan to transfer them. If you don’t, you might have to pay for the next term even if they aren’t attending school.


Don’t be too sentimental. The more you can get rid of now, the less you’ll have to sort out when you get to your new place. A charity shop is a place where you can donate old clothes, toys, and other things. Some charity shops will even take more essential things like furniture or electronics. What they don’t want can be taken to a recycling center near you.

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But you could also sell your used things on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or Vinted. The offers you get might surprise you in a good way. It’s a good idea to start getting rid of things as soon as you know you’re moving.

Find out when you’re moving

The sooner you know when you are moving, the better. If you want to buy or sell a house, you may need to start with a rough date and plan around it.

When you buy a house, the day you get the keys is usually 7 to 28 days after your lawyer exchanges the contracts. This is when the keys to your new home are given to you.


Getting settled into a new place can be stressful, but the measures can help. There is a lot to do, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend, family member, or professional packers and movers in Chennai. As soon as you take care of the big things, your new house will feel like a home.

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