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Why Can’t I Connect Linksys Extender to My Router’s WiFi?

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Linksys WiFi range extender acts as a bridge between your host router and other devices in your home like PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, etc. On the off chance, your router’s WiFi are unable to reach the far corners of your house, then getting Linksys WiFi range extender can be of great help. After doing Linksys range extender setup, you will see that your router’s WiFi signals are already extended and have covered all WiFi dead zones in your home.

For your Linksys range extender to work in an efficient manner, it must be connected to your router’s WiFi. But, what happens if your Linksys range extender is getting issues while connecting to your host router? Need not to worry! This type of issue can be fixed easily by simply following a couple of troubleshooting tips provided in this article. Hence, keep reading!

Unable to Connect Linksys Extender to Router WiFi

Bring Linksys Extender and Router Closer

Perhaps your Linksys range extender is placed away from the range of your router’s WiFi due to which you are getting the issue. For getting the issue fixed, what you can do:

  • Unplug your Linksys extender from its current location.
  • Choose another wall socket for the device that is near to your host router. If you don’t have a wall plug for your extender closer to your router, make use of extension cord instead.

Now, try connecting your Linksys extender to your router’s WiFi to see if you rack up success.

Opt for Ethernet Source

In order to connect your Linksys range extender and router, you can either use a wired or wireless source. But, we advise you opt for wired source. The reason being, an Ethernet (wired) source is more secure and reliable than wireless source. Look, there is nothing wrong choosing a wireless source! But, in building a wireless connection, chances of wireless signal interference and WiFi connectivity issues can be high.

That is why, we recommend you to choose an Ethernet (wired) source for connecting your devices. To make things happen, you can make use of extension cord for plugging in your Linksys range extender and router closer. But, ensure to make a solid and finger-tight connection between them.

Now, you won’t get issues while connecting your Linksys range extender to your router’s WiFi.

Check the Power Supply

If you are still getting issues while connecting your Linksys range extender to router’s WiFi, then it seems like it (extender) is not operating on a continuous power. Thus, ensure to check the power and then the wall socket in which your extender is plugged in.

  • The wall socket must not be damaged
  • Power (electricity) must not be fluctuated

Bonus tip: In case there are power outages in your area, then you must install UPS in your home.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

If you have placed your Linksys range extender at a location in your home where other devices or appliances like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, gaming consoles, play stations are placed, then WiFi signal interference is definitely going to take place. So, to make the most out of your Linksys range extender and to connect it to your home router’s WiFi then it’s high time to relocate the extender. Simply ensure to place it away from obstructions listed here.

Need More Help?

None of the fixes listed above bring you luck? If so, then in such a case, we suggest you reset your Linksys extender and then configure it from the scratch. Wondering how to setup Linksys extender? Wonder no more! Just put your hands on the Linksys extender manual to get complete Linksys WiFi extender setup instructions.

After configuring your Linksys extender, we give you our words that you won’t have issues while connecting it to router’s WiFi.

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