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Why Use An Estate Agent When You Want To Buy A House

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One of the things you need to decide when you are buying a house is whether to use Gisborne real estate agents to help you. It is a fact that using a real estate agent, whether you are buying or selling does help. In a comparison, the average FSBO property listing was an average sale of $150,000. The average real estate agent-assisted sold home is $215,000. People mistakenly think they save money and time by skipping an agent, when the opposite is actually true. It is hard for sellers by themselves to understand the market and price their home right, fill in and send the proper paperwork, find the time to market the property in all the best places, know what they should do to the property to sell it and get a sale achieved by a certain time.

Why use an agent to buy a home

The commission is paid by the seller not the buyer

When a buyer has a real estate agent there to represent them you get all the benefits of having a professional to help them without having to pay the commission, as that is something the seller pays not the buyer. Talk to Woodend real estate agents to learn more about what that means and what they can do to help the whole process.

An agent has access to a large network

When you use a real estate agent it means you have access to the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service they use. It is a large network, larger than something you can access, it is not available to anyone, and it is up to date. On the network, the agent can learn things about any local property like taxes, price changes, how long it has been up for sale, any particularly interesting features and such.

They know the area

Gisborne real estate agents know the area very well so they can answer questions about activities, schools, parks, the safety of the neighbourhood, recreational opportunities and more.

An agent has the skill to negotiate with the seller

There are is a skill in knowing how to negotiate buying a home and a real estate agent has learned it, and experienced ones have practiced it often. There are all sorts of things that need to be agreed about, repairs, closing costs, insepctions, warranties and more. Will the seller leave the appliances as part of the deal, will they clear out all the furniture and so on.

They can advice you and track what needs to be done

Woodend real estate agents can track everything that needs to be done and keep communicating with you to make it all happen. You are less likely to miss paperwork or get confused with all the tasks that need to be completed.


There are a lot of good reasons for using a real estate agent to help buy a new home.

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